Saturday, 26 July 2014

Everything matters

Several times I wrote about business, quality, factory, production, marketing, sales...big economy..but when coming back with the feet on the ground, I understand little details can be important parts of all this "machine".
Details like a lady who is retering after 40 years taking care of one of the 12 quality controls we have before shipping our production and nobody able (or willing to) to take her place, notwithstanding 1 year of research.
Details like the last supplier of organzino silk surviving, who is declaring bankrupt.
Details like the producer of a little spare parts for supporting the needles of our machines, who decide that he had enough and closing down the factory.
Details, details...but a factory is like a complicate watch : 1.000 components and ALL OF THEM matters. You have only 999 ? Doesn't matter, the watch is not working.

Have a nice week end

the oldest machine

Saturday, 12 July 2014

The important is the concept

More and more, somehow I have to say unfortunately, the "box" is more important than the product itself. I mean : having an excellent product of high quality it is no more enough. Since years we are pushing our final consumers to understand why a 240 needles machine produce better fitting socks, why a 90/2 count Egyptian cotton is better than the others, why hand linking is making a difference...
But we have to face the reality that mostly of final consumers buy only because "they like it". They are impressed by the style and the "look" of the product. And if you have a nice packaging, a nice box and a nice concept...your percentage of sales increase a lot.

Bresciani Crocus shop

Difficult to manage for small, semi-artisanal, Companies like ours, spending all the energy and time working on the product only. But you can find a good team taking care of the marketing part.
So we did. If you would like to have an idea, just visit our shop in Moscow at Crocus City Mall.
See you there !

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

What's the trend for Winter 14 ?

Hard to think about next Winter when we are exatcly in the mid of the hot season, but we must be always ahead of times..
Having a look at the selections of our retailers it seems the "casual" trend will not stop. Colour and bold designs are still on top of the choices.
Talking about weight, the chuncky socks so fashion during Winters of 2012 and 2013 seem to be slowing down, lighter weights were preferred.
Still stripes are incredibly resisting, notwithstanding years and years on the top of the wave.
Argyles patterns didn't have much attention this season.

But at the end you will do your own fashion and your personal "trend", so... enjoy, we have a large selection for everybody !

Winter wool socks

Saturday, 14 June 2014

What is really making the difference ?

When you have to buy socks or underwear, what is really driving your decision ? We always invested all our energies in developing the finest quality. But today is no more enough.
Service it is the other key word. Still we are dealing with retailers and on-line retailers, so final consumer can't experience our service, as there is not a direct thread.
So we come to style : yes, it is important to have a good collection. Styles, colours, fitting...all these issues are part of the puzzle.
Better to have the best quality, the best style or the best fitting ? Possibly all of them.
And do we want to talk about packaging ? Don't you think more and more the box is important as the product ?
And last...if you have all these details, but you don't advertise ...

The real matter going wrong way today is that this last point became the most important. It is a world for big players. To advertise more you need more profit, to have more profit either you go down in quality or you go up in price.

And the small ones ? Thanks God we have the can invest more in quality and advertise on the web. It's not enough of course, but it is always something...

See you in Florence next week folks !

Pitti preview

Tuesday, 3 June 2014


As we discussed several times, web completely changed the rules of the game. One of the most difficult issues to solve is the one about the timing of the collections.
In few weeks we will present our new Spring 2015 collection during Pitti Uomo in Florence.
We will post images of the new collection on our social networks' pages.
Now, the matter is that, as usual, will be hard to explain to our final consumers, that they will find these new styles in the shops only starting from January 2015...
As usual we will receive a lot of questions and requests as "where we can buy them now...why they are not available..".
For a Company like ours, still producing in its factory, just until few years ago, those were really weird can people expect to have immediately available something that is not yet produced ?
But the world has changed a lot during last years and now what we show, should immediately be available in the mind our our interlocutor. The problem is that few years ago the interlocutor was the owner of the shop, who knows the rules of the game and who select the best for his the chain is breaking and the interlocutor is more and more the final consumer.
what will be the future ? Hard to guess...

Another Pitti Spring 2015 preview