Friday, 22 May 2015

Why you pay more if it is Made in Italy

Somebody is thinking that buying something "Made in Italy" it is only a way to pay more for exactly the same item you can buy made somewhere else.
This is not the case.
For several simple reasons :

1 First and maybe the most important : the Companies here are subject to very strict rules to follow to preserve the health of the final consumer. I don't think you would like to wear on your skin something dangerous for your health; believe me, you have to pay the same attention you have when you check what you are eating.

2 Most of the times what looks like the same item, you discover later that it is a completely different quality. Unfortunately you usually discover this detail only after you wear and you wash it for the first time.

3 Notwithstanding some people is not believing it completely, almost all the Companies here respect the workers and pay taxes. Maybe you don't care when you buy, you just want to pay less...but you should care 

4 If most of the actors, politics, singers, VIP persons in the world, are wearing Italian cloths, maybe the Italian style has something more ..

Have a nice week end

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Underwear Bresciani collection is evolving

New underwear collection

Bresciani underwear collection is evolving. At the beginning it was only 100% cotton, but now a lot of news on the rack : sea island cotton, cotton/silk, cotton/elastan, cashmere and silk..
Pitti is approaching and we will present all the news, not only about new fibers but new fittings too.
You can find our underwear in our Crocus Moscow shop, in our Bresciani shop in Baku, at Sartale shop in Wien and on line at Kabbaz and Kelly web site.

Sea island and cashmere/silk are the top to the range products. Sea island production is really limited (the original one, pay attention to "fake" sea island you can find on the market). Only 10.000 kilos per season coming from Caribbeans productions.
It is a long staple cotton with an incredible soft hand. Available in Bresciani in white, black and navy.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Special projects for the Expo

Need some fruits ?

Expo 2015 will open the gates May 1st. Will be a very exciting time for Milan and we don't want to waste the occasion to give the opportunity to our fans to buy our socks.

Our factory store will temporary move to Milan, visiting our friends at Villa Delmitia, high quality fashion's accessories artisans.
The location will be in Via Tortona 31, in the area of Porta Genova, close to the "Navigli" zone.

As the theme of the Expo is "feeding the planet", we will present our gift box "Fruits", filled with colorful linen+cotton socks.

Our team will personally be present in some occasions at the location, so you will have to opportunity to talk about socks directly with us.

See you in Milan !

Friday, 27 March 2015

A visit to Filmar

We often said on this blog how much is important a quality yarn in order to produce a quality sock.
we have years and years of close partnership with our suppliers. One of the most important is Filmar (
There is always something to learn and something to develop, so we pay them regular visits.

Filmar cotton
The technology behind their cotton is something really amazing and their quality controls are very strict.

Do you know why Filo di Scozia is the best cotton ? The cotton's staple is void inside, because the lymph is flowing inside it. The process of mercerization (the base of the Filo Scozia) is keeping this "channel" open, so the fiber is absorbing the sweat a lot more compared to the not-mercerized cotton.

This is only one of the thing you can learn visiting Filmar factory.

For more info visit
there are 130 people working there and they have one the best testing lab in Europe.

A lot more to come..

Friday, 6 March 2015

Winter 2015 Woman's collection

Best of the best for our Winter 2015 woman's collection. We selected the best silk, cashmere and cashmere and silk blends for our ladies !
Some lurex is giving a glittering touch to few styles.
After the Milan fashion week we can say without doubt that the trend for next Winter 15 will still be knee high socks in warm fibers, but this season there was a sexy touch too.
Our 100% organzino silk overknee and parigine were  on the best stages, for sure you can spot them looking at the pictures of #MFW Winter 2015.
Have a great week end !