Monday, 18 January 2016

Pitti 89

Winter 16 previews

...and another Pitti is gone.
More and more public relations, press and advertising during the show. And that's good.
But Pitti is born as a trade show (and luckly still it is). 
It is the occasion to meet our retailers, share info, discuss trends and do our job : collecting orders for the Winter 16 season.
For medium/small Companies it is the only occasion to have the collection on the stage.
Most of the Companies attending don't have the power to attend the fashion weeks, catwalks or to place their collection in the big show rooms.
So Pitti it is an unique occasion to meet old and new customers.
And to have a little press.
I will not talk about the trends as you will easily find all the info on the web, but I can tell that exhibitors were happy about the trade, notwithstanding the world's complicate financial and political situation.
About our collection : also this season we have our "classic" collection and our "unica" casual collection. Two completely different concepts. Two completely different kind of retailers and final consumers. Both collection did their job very well. So...

Long live to Pitti !

See you in June.

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Cashmere and silk T shirt

70% cashmere 30% silk T shirt. Cariaggi yarn. This is the finest item we have in our underwear collection, available in white and in black.
A dream to wear : soft and light.

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Your ultimate dress fancies socks' drawer

Would you like to have some suggestion ?
Here we are.
In your socks' drawer you can't miss :

1 The Vanisee
2 The Chevron
3 The Pied de Poule
4 The Pin Dots
5 The Salt and Pepper
6 The Retro Vertical Stripes '30
7 The Prince of Wales

This could be your ultimate dress fancies socks' drawer. You can play with colors and yarns..
Enjoy !

Bresciani socks on line :

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Is technology improving the quality ?

Difficult to answer.
I can tell we have in our archives cotton dated back '60, which apparently is better quality than the cotton we have today. At that time the cotton were picked up by hands, and majority of the processes were made by hands. Now the technology reached standards of quality for sure superiors, but the quality of the raw material (maybe the pollution, maybe the quest of the profit, maybe too much production ?) seems to be lower.
The same for the other yarns (more or less). Keeping in mind that the new rules (Reach regulation first) changed the chemicals can be used to dye the yarn (and this is good for sure for the health of the consumers), the color, for example, can't be fixed as it can be in the past.

Different is the impact of the technology on production. New machines are for sure more performing than the old ones. The difference is in the process after the production (the famous 12 "by hands" steps we have to complete the production and finishing process). We do exactly as they were made 40 years ago. More expensive for sure, but not comparable in terms of quality to the modern technologies on the market.

Maybe because trough the hands we put also our heart in our products..

Bresciani factory in the '70