Friday, 11 April 2014

Why socks' web sales are booming

During last years we faced a new trend in the market. More and more retailers are going on the web and a lot of them are on the web only, without having a real store.
We already posted a list of Bresciani retailers on the web.
But why this is happening ? At first we have to say that this is a world's trend. Everything is on sales on the web today. It is like to have an open window on the world. And you don't have to pay the rent for the shop and salaries for the sales people on the floor. Of course it is not that easy, as retail on the web has a lot of other costs, as promotion, management of the shipments and returns.
Second : socks are quite easy to sell, as the only information needed is the size. People has to be already familiar with the quality, but today it seems this is not a big problem for web buyers.
Third : socks are now an important fashion accessory, as it was the tie during the '80. Colours, fancies and style are requested and people are paying attention to all these issues.

Spring Ad campaign

So you have a wide selection of our socks at (Kabbaz and Kelly), Mr Porter, Mes chaussettes rouges, Italiandipity, Berg & Berg and A suitable wardrobe. Enjoy shopping !

Tuesday, 1 April 2014


Some of our best design are made on our 216 Needles mono-cylinder machines. Mono-cylinder machines, as the word says, have only one cylinder of needles, so they are not able to make jacquard (to learn about jacquard tecnique you can read our previous posts). Only one base colour, but possibility to have up to 7 different colours to realize the design.
Enough to free the fantasy...

Egyptian cotton, Merino Australian wool, cashmere/silk...these are the yarn we can use on these machines.
Just select the fancy you like !

Saturday, 8 March 2014

We are light

In the last post we introduced our Unica, one size casual collection, but we will not forget our history.
Bresciani is well know for superfine 100% Egyptian 90/2 count cotton socks made up on 240 and 260 Needles machines.
What this means ? Just look at the picture :

Maybe this is not impressing you so much, but wait for the 40 Celsius we will have during Summer and then you will tell me.
Wear our 100% superfine 90/2 count cotton in that weather conditions and...your skin will thank you.
Of course having nylon or lycra/spandex is giving more fitting to the sock, but using 240 needles machines is a kind of compensation for the lack of stretch yarn, because the knitting is so fine that the sock is fitting in a wonderful way.
Once's up to you, we give you all the options !

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Casual socks

Our 100% cotton sock if the best for the coming Spring season in our opinion. But to match the request of our youngest fans, we introduced few years ago our "Unica" collection. Bold patterns, bright colours and..slim and closer fitting, obtained using a unique blend of fine cotton and lycra/spandex.

Dots socks from Bresciani Unica collection

we blend the cotton and the lycra ourselves, using our machines, to obtain a stretch effect 30% better compared to any cotton/lycra blended sock usual on the market. If you need a real "one size" sock, nylon only is not enough, you need lycra. And you need to work it in the proper way.

These socks garantee an excellent fitting and comfort. Of course they are little heavier compared to the superfine 100% cotton sock, but you will decide which is better, now you have an option...

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Woman's Winter 2014 collection

It seems that wearing men's knee high socks for women was not just a fashion trend, but became a regular thing during last years. Don't know if this matter is somehow related to the issue that more and more people became allergic to synthetic yarns and they prefer to wear only 100% cotton, 100% woool up to the 100% cashmere or cashmere/silk.
But it is a matter that our women's collection sales are going higher and higher.
Of course it is quite a "one season" business, as our beloved ladies are used not to wear socks during Summer.
So during the Milan Fashion Week we present our new Winter 14 women's collection.
Come on ladies, come on...we are waiting for you ..

Special guest this season is Mrs Lucia Del Pasqua ( She designed for us a capsule collection in her style, designed "with the heart". Are you curious to see ? Just check it out ..