Thursday, 7 April 2011

Quality socks

Not everybody really knows what is making a quality sock a quality sock. First of all, of course, the yarn used, as this is anyway the base of a quality sock. If you want the best fitting and comfort the yarn has to be fine. For example for our basic socks we use 90/2 count Egyptian mako cotton.
90/2 count means there are 90.000 meters of yarn in 2 ply each Kilo (can you imaging ?).
Egyptian cotton is still the best on the market in this moment;  due to the particular climate of Egypt, the cotton has a long staple, which garantee the best result in spinning it.
Then the important is the machine used. Socks machines are circular : it means there is a cylinder with needles. More needles the cylinder has, more fine is the gauge of the sock. 260 needles machines are the finest in this moment on the market for men's socks. Then you go down until 60 needles machines for heavy weight sport socks.
A lot more to say about that, but we will have other occasions.

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