Thursday, 5 May 2011

Hand linked toe...what does it mean ??

On all top quality hosiery, people find the label "hand linked toe", but 90% of the consumers don't have an idea about what does it mean.
Socks machines have the needles disposed in a circle, making up a kind of cylinder.
The sock is coming out  the machine with the toe open and of course it must be closed some way.
Hand linked doesn't mean there is a person linking it with a needle by hand, but it means there is a machine linking the two part of the socks with the same thread making up the sock.
By hand means there is a person using this machine, matching the points of the two parts point by point by hand.
It is an extremly slow process (compared to the machine linking which cuts the two part of the socks and links them with nylon) and only skilled persons can do it. The result is the link is so flat people don't feel it when wearing the socks.
Today on the market you have also the new generation of machines, capable to produce the socks already toe closed and this will be the future.

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