Tuesday, 26 July 2011


There are some styles can be grouped under one denomination. Jacquard for example indicate all the styles made on the double cylinder machine, using 2 colours, one on front and one on reverse. It means you have two threads (or four, if the yarn enter double thread each side) of two different colours : the design is made playing with the two and having one up and one down in order to make up the pattern.
Looking at the sock inside out, you have exactly the same design on reverse, just with reversed colours. This kind of pattern is called Jacquard from the name of the French inventor of the first flat machine using this kind of procedure.

Friday, 15 July 2011

The old good socks

Beginning of last Century socks were still made on flat linear machines. There were two kind of problems : the first was the sock had to be cut and then linked on the back in order to have a tubolar and the second was there was no elastic and socks had to be worn with garters.
Furthermore it was a long and extremly slow process to have the final product.
Around the '30 on the market arrived the first English machines capable to do the socks as we see today.
The tale is actually more complicated, but we will have time in the future to talk another time about it.
Attached couple of pictures of '50 sock.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Needles and gauge

We already had a post about the importance of the number of the machine needles in order to have a better fitting and comfort. But how understand how many needles had the machine, looking at the sock ? Very simple, just count the numbers of stitches on one side of the sock when is flat (before wearing it) and double it. It is actually 1 stitch = 1 needle.
260 needles it is usually the highest you can find today.
Another matter it is the gauge, which is the number of needles you have in the machine in 1 inch lenght.
Why a sock made on these high needles machines is more expansive ? First, of course, because the yarn used must be the finest, second because these machines are running slower and are more subject to controls.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Hot Summer = no socks

Some people is going around with no socks during Summer. Of course mine is a "self-sponsoring" suggestion, but I can tell it is not so healty, special if you don't know where your shoes are coming from and how they were produced and treated.
At least you can wear the "ghost" socks, kind of ped you can wear inside the shoe and not visible.
Those will protect you and let your skin breath.
Not to be mentioned that for elegance issues, of course,  always better to wear socks, unless you are sailing or walking on the beach.