Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The socks' sheep

Sometime we must also have a little fun..
This was our "mascotte" for Pitti some years ago. After the show we didn't have the courage to leave it alone, so we brought her home and now she is living in our show room. She eats only few grams of cashmere per day...

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Super 140's wool

We already indicated the composition is not the only factor influencing the quality of the sock. For example the indication of 100% wool it means nothing, without the detail of yarn's count and the Country of origin.
Usually the best quality of wool is the Merino coming from Australia or New Zealand. Our parnter Cariaggi is supplying us with a Super 140's Merino wool, which has a count really close to the cashmere/silk one.
The hand is spectacular and the quality is excellent. As we already told, fine count yarns worked on high numbers needles machines, assure the best fitting and comfort.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Working on new Winter 2012 2013 collection

Yes, we already selected the new Winter 2012 yarns and we started working on the new Winter 2012 2013 collection. It is always exciting and some way this is the funniest part of the production process. After selecting the yarn, the first step it is developing the first samples ideas and working on the fitting and the knitting. Then the first prototypes are washed and tested. When we come to the final version of the new item, we start working on the colour combinations. Of course not everything is going to be in the collection, so there is a big job before the final version of the sample range usually ready for the presentation for the Pitti Uomo in January (this time January 10th - 13th) in Florence.

It is not unusual we develop special yarns in cooperation with our best suppliers, as we need special treatment specially focus on our product, which is more subject to frictions compared to other items like sweaters, scarfs...
Somtime we blend the yarn ourselves, mixing them during the production process.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The legendary "linking machine"

We already posted some weeks ago about the famous "hand linked sock".
We told you about the process of the hand linking, which is possible thanks to the support of a machine expressly made for it.
Now, to make it more clear, we are posting some pictures of the machine and the process.
It is called "hand linked" because the manual component of the job it is mandatory, as the worker has to link point by point the knitting of the sock to the needles of the machine. Then the machine, using a thread of the same yarn used for the sock, links the two parts of the open toe.

There are different kind of machines with different numbers of needles, because of course the linking machine has to match the same number of needles of the machine producing the sock.

For mass production or for casual socks production, a different machine can be used, but we will talk about this matter in another post..

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The "Cuff"

On our over the calf sock, we have 5 cm average lenght of elastic (spandex) and 12 cm of "cuff".
The cuff is a 1:1 rib without spandex, which helps to hold the sock to the leg without giving too much pressure.
The fitting is a lot better and the comfort is the best possible.
We do it only on our dress socks.