Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Ironing process

Another important step of production is the ironing process. There currently are two ways of ironing : the old style, using hot forms and the new one using steam machine. Actually there is not difference in the final quality result, but the second one it is faster. We have different forms for different sizes and lenght. The forms are used to check the lenght of the socks during the production process too, as during the day the knitting can change due to different temperature of the needles.
During the process the person working is checking the sock too, so at the end it is another quality control added to the several ones we have.

traditional ironing forms

Before the ironing process all the socks are washed and they are placed on the form when they are still wet.
Immeditely after ironing, the socks are checked once more and another person put together the pair, controlling the sock have the same lenght.

Steam machine

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