Monday, 31 December 2012

Socks to wear for the end of the year's Party ?

We already posted about our 100% organzino silk socks. Now it's time to use them ! If you will wear a Smoking or Tuxedo for the end of the year night, what better than our pure silk socks ?
They will keep your feet warm too, as the silk is mantaining the body tempereture, but nothing can be compared to the brightness, elegance and "dandism" of a pair of silk socks !
Happy 2013 !!

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Merry Christmas

And now it's almost time to stop for a while and think about the important things of life.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The "soft hand" of cashmere

Cashmere yarn is today well know for its peculiarity : softness, warmth, comfort. But there is cashmere and cashmere, as for the wine. Talking about Italian red wine doesn't mean that is for sure a good one, just because it is Italian.
One thing is worth to know it is that a soft hand at the moment of the purchasing is not necessarly meaning high quality. There are several ways of washing the cashmere in order to obtain a softer hand, but if the quality of cashmere is not good, the hand will be very good, but the strength of the fiber will be compromised.
Washing the cashmere during a process called "follatura" it is a process producing a softer hand extracting the fiber; it is a kind of "pre-aging" of the thread and of course more this process is taken to extreme, more the fiber is damaged and will stand less time.
So sometime the best quality of cashmere has at the beginning a rougher hand, but in washing the yarn becomes richer and more silkier with each wash  and it's standing longer.
Of course there are also different kind of thickness of the cashmere, 2/28.000, 2/58.000 (once more 2/28.000 means there are 28.000 meters of thread in one kilo, twisted in 2 ply) and different kind of knitting..

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Finally Winter Time

Finally cold arrived and now it's time for some heavy socks. Most of our machines are finest gauges (216-240-260 needles), but we have also argyles machines and heavy gauges machines.
Best sellers for this season were the heavy wool and heavy cashmere blends socks.

Heavy Merino Australian wool socks
Those socks are made on the oldest machines we have in the factory. Process of setting up a new design on these machines, has to be completly made by hands and require long time, but the result is stunning, as you can see in the picture.
We are not missing the "classic" basic, ribbed socks.
Basic heavy wool socks
Available both for men and women.
So...keep your feet warm !

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Mr Mario - part II

- follow previous post

..after working in a couple of different Companies, Mario finally found a job in a socks' Company in Spirano, his hometown. The Company, named Bloch, at that time was giving work to almost half of the people in the little village of Spirano.
Step by step he arrived at the head of the technics' department and when unfortunately the Company enter a crisis, he moved to Desenzano del Garda working for another Company. Finally, beginning of the '70 he opened his own business, placing some machine in the garage of his own house.
Old factory in Spirano
He moved then in Castiglione delle Stiviere and in 1974 he had the opportunity to take over a Company in his hometown Spirano, with the brand "Lord dei Lord"...
to be continued..

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Mr. Mario...Once upon a time..

Bresciani is Bresciani because of Mr. Mario Bresciani. Will not bore you with his CV, as you can find it visiting our web site , but just talking about the roots of his "adventure".
Once upon a a little village close to the Alps, in North Italy, just after the second world war, a family was living in a countryside court, with other 30 families. They were waiting for the return of the chief of the family from the war. He come back home after being prisoner in Germany, but unfortunately he died because of the wounds reported. A young woman and 3 little childrens. Mario was the first one, and he started working when he was a little child (aged 7 years at that time).
The beginning of this tale is very similar to the history of millions of families after the second world war...
back in the '70
More to come, stay tuned...

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Washing and testing department

As indicated some time ago, the quality of the yarn it is fundamental for a quality sock. Of course all our suppliers are REACH certified and they do all necessary quality controls, but we do more in our factory.
We have a department focus on washing and testing the socks after production and before shipment, in order to check the quality of the yarn, the quality of the colour and to test the skrinkage.
We have industrial and "normal" home washing machines and driers.
Detail of our washing department
Of course all the processes are "pollution free", as we take the necessary steps in order to avoid any kind of environmental damage.
Washing process is also important to clean all the socks before shipment.

Friday, 9 November 2012


Sometime the history of a Company is also made by the people who worn his products.
We were lucky to have several celebrities wearing our socks during our 42 years of business, but we have some favorites.
In our show room we have a signed picture on the wall.
My father met him in a Beverly Hills restaurant in the '80 during a business trip in California and some months ago, back in California, he personally visited his villa bringing some boxes of our socks. In that occasion he had this picture signed and, back to Italy, he proudly hung it to the wall.
I'm missing him, as he was one of my favorite actors..

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Esquire Big Black Book Winter Issue

Communication is more and more important. It is vital for small Companies like ours to keep their consumers updated about latest news in collection.
Not all the Magazine are the same. In USA we selected Esquire as ideal partner for Bresciani.
BBB Winter Issue
We are present in the Winter 2012 Issue of the Big Black Book. The right windows to link our little factory in Italy to the big USA market. Have a look !

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Spring 2013 : Colours and Colours

Socks' trend for Spring 2013 is still colour. Bright colours, sometime in bold design, but mostly old style revisited. You may be surprised we are talking about Spring 2013 when Winter 2012 is not yet on his way, but factories are used to think at least 9 months ahead. We are now already working on Winter 2013 collection, already selected the new yarns and selecting the new styles. Production is running Spring 2013 production and shipping department is sending out the last Winter 2012 parcels to our retailers all over the globe.

Spring 2013 production
It is quite difficult to manage with the right timing all the process. We have to think in the meantime referring to different seasons, split in the window of 12 months. We are working now on the collection will be in the stores next September 2013.
Can't show you all the new styles now, as we need to create a little suspense...stay tuned !

Monday, 8 October 2012


The place where we are living influence for sure our work. Centuries of history can't  not having a part on the way we are working and on our concept of lifestyle
Bergamo upper City has thousands of history, and during the Centuries was subjected to the domination of Rome, Venice, Spain, France and Austria.
A kind of "melting pot" of cultures mixed with the original Celts population.
People used to fight for surviving and used to hard work, but also interested in Art. Caravaggio, Bartolomeo Colleoni, Pope Giovanni XXIII, Manz├╣..only to name few of the "sons" of our City.
So..hard work, style, but always with the feet on the ground. Something we hope we transmitted in our products.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Cones of yarn

After 22 years in this business, still I'm wondering when thinking about how 120.000 meters of yarn can be in one cone.

120/2 cotton's cone

The one in the picture is a cone of 120/2 cotton. It means in this cone we have 120.000 meters (120 km !) of yarn spinned in 2 ply.
Can you imaging you can put out of your window's car the thread and drive for 120 km before the yarn finish...amazing !
I suppose if we do the same for all the cones we have in the warehouse we can do the tour of the world..

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Sancta Sanctorum

All factories have a pulsing heart. Beside of the production department, ours is located in the room where we store all the old styles of previous seasons. You can find there styles sampled, produced or just experiments never gone on sale. Company has 42 years of history, so you can imaging how many socks there are in this room, keeping in mind we produced something like 200 new styles every year.

This is one of the big differences between a manufacturing industry and a commercial Company. All the knowledge, the know how, the history you can find in a production factory, are very difficult to find in a Company who just buy and re sell to the market.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Hard work

Running a textile Company it is not only style and shows. There is the hard work of a lot of people behind. And most of the time this work  has not the same "appeal" for the people, as the tradeshows and the catwalks have.
For example there are people moving the boxes in the warehouse. Simple at the first sight, but not so simple in the reality. All the yarn's arrivals have to be checked, in weight and in quality, registered and moved to the shelfs.

Yarns' boxes Warehouse
It is the first of a lot of different steps, heading to the final product you can find at your favourite retailers.
Just to give you an idea the yarn is stored by date of arrival, in order to use for production always the same shade of colour for the single order.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The past is always coming back

As already mentioned in some previous post, fashion is always a kind of circle and design are returning years later. That is why our "socks Museum" it is very important to us.
Always, when start working on a new collection, we have first a look to our old colour cards.
It is a neverending source of inspiration. We have these books disposed all around the factory. They are a kind of pictures because it isn't fashion, at the end, an art ?

Colour cards of the '50
This is the good point about our job : you can always create something new, unique, having inspiration from the past and revisiting it in a modern way.
By the a few days will already be time to think about Winter 2013 !

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Summer is coming to an end

Welcome back. Company reopening after Summer break and we are in the middle of Winter orders deliveries to our retailers all around the world. This season we will touch 42 different Countries. You can already find some new Winter proposal having a look to the windows of our retailers.
The best selected items for the coming season were the heavy wool styles in Norvegian design.

Snowflakes heavy wool styles

Still 35 °C in Italy, but it's already time to think about wardrobe change and if you want to be sure to arrive before all the best styles are sold out, it's time to run to your favourite shop.
The item on the picture is made up on our heaviest jacquard gauge machine, using our heavy weight Merino wool.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Time for holidays

As every year, factory is closing for 3 weeks in August. Time for holiday and time to do some work at the machines and the building. We will hang the socks to the wall for few weeks. See you and happy holiday !

Friday, 27 July 2012

Old good times

When Mario Bresciani founded the Bresciani Company, we were at the beginning of the '70. Was the time of the long collar shirts, long hair, pants with large cuffs.. At the beginning of the '80 he started attending our first Interantional shows in Milan. The '80 were great years of international success of the Company. We started first exporting to USA and then Japan, Europe and Russia followed.

First Milan shows as "Lord dei Lord" brand
It was a kind of "conquer of the West". Hudge spaces were opening for the Italian artisan Companies at that time and Italian enterpreneurs were around USA with their bags full of shirts, pants, ties..and socks, trying to convince uncle Sam to buy their goods...the old good times.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Experiments on printed socks

The design on the sock it is usually made up by the machine. Can be a jacquard (two tones of colours), embroidered (plain sock with little design) or textured (same colour knitted design). But now the technology allow to print  on the sock. It is quite an expensive procedure, because the sock has to be fixed in 7 points to the printing table and this is taking time, and time in our business means increasing of cost, but the result is quite nice.
Actually it is not a really new technology, as it is around since 1970, but with the new hardware and software, becomed more cost accesible.

Printed socks

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Making up colour cards

Being part of the business means we have to arrange collections to show to the retailers selling our socks, in order to allow them placing orders for the seasons.
Usually the trade shows and the sales season are 6 months in advance compare to the time you will find the socks in the shops.
Making up the collections and colour cards is another part of the business Bresciani is doing directly.
We make up all our colour cards inside our factory. It is not an easy job (we make something like 2.500 colour cards every season). But it is also fun to work on it (will see the reaction of the people doing this job, when reading my words here)..
pieces of yarn used to make up the colour card

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Shorter than short ?

When it is very hot, people is sometime wearing what we are used to call "ghost" socks. It is not so elegant, but since for someone there is no alternative during Summer, we decided to add to our collection some of these socks, but giving them a touch of personality.

Ped socks
So...we wish you all a good Summer and enjoy your holidays !

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Pitti Spring 2013

Pitti Entrance
Pitti closed his gates yesterday. As usual we are now posting some picture and report about the show.
It was a busy one, mostly foreign customers visiting (Russia, Japan, Europe..).

Scarecrows in Pitti ?

We presented our new Spring 2013 collection. A lot of colours and more casual.
Of course the big part of the collection was in cotton, but we have also linen and some linen/silk and cotton/silk blends.
Green attack !
Actually the situation is reflecting the general world economic situation, with a little depressing European market and a more "in shape" Asian and USA market.
A lot of events has been held during the show, both press and business.
At the end Pitti is confirming it is the best high quality fashion show in the world.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Pitti Uomo next week

We are attending Pitti Uomo in Florence since the beginning of the '80. It was and still it is the best trade show in the world. People from all the world are coming to see all the new collections presented by the big, but most medium/small Companies. An unique occasion for both, buyers and small Companies, to meet and exchange information and feedbacks.

As usual we will post our Pitti report the week after the end of the show.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Probably the oldest socks' machine "alive"

It is called "Wildt" and it's born more or less in the 1930. The cones with the yarn are still in wood and not in plastic as the ones of today. Not necessary to say all the mechanisms are manual. This machine was used until the '90. You can still use it today, but it is producing 1 dozens socks every 8 hours, compared to the 5 1/2 of the modern ones and quite impossible to find spare pieces when they broke.


Wednesday, 30 May 2012

"Evergreen" styles

There are some designs in our permanent collection since 1970. We can call them "evergreen", as they are the oldest styles, but always best sellers. You can find attached some pictures. One of them is the "pied de poule" (I suppose the translation in English is something like "chicken's paw"). Ours is made on ours 240 needles double cylinder jacquard machines.

Pied de poule
Another one is the one we call "chevron", which is a kind of zig zag, still made on our 240 needles jacquard machines.

The others are the vanisee (you can find in an old post of the blog) and the "dots".

Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Not only cotton and linen, but the Spring natural fibers of Bresciani included Hemp too.
Peculiarity of the fiber is the freshness and the particular comfort due to the fact it keeps the foot dry.
On the fashion side, the colours we can reach are bright and "Spring".

100% Hemp
The style is of course part of our "casual" collection, as the look is really "Countryside".

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Something for the ladies : overknee

Bresciani is not a men's brand only, we love our female fans too. That's why we have a ladies' collection. Mostly in silk, cashmere and cashmere/silk, as women wear usually no socks during Summer.
The idea was born first trying to re proposing the old silk overknees, made up on flat machines in the '30 and then cut and sewn by hands. We had the idea to revive the classic "stripe" on the back of the sock, at that time the seam of the two parts of the sock and make up a very romantic and high class accessory.

100% Organzino Silk overknee

Starting from there we moved to cashmere and silk, our 2/60.000 count 70% cashmere 30% silk, very warm, light and comfortable for Winter. This quickly has become our best seller.

Thursday, 3 May 2012


Until the '60, socks were made on flat knitting machines and without elastic on the top. The only way to hold them to the legs was to use garters. In our little socks' Museum we have several different models.

After the arrival of the circular machines in the industry, it became possible to insert in the knitting first rubber and then elastan. Furthermore in the long socks we add the "cuff", a 1x1 rib between the elastic on the top and the body of the sock, in order to hold the sock to the leg, without giving too much pressure on the leg with a tight elastic.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


I suppose not everybody really knows how it looks the raw cotton. Attached you can find a couple of pictures of the original cotton plant to satisfy your curiosity.


As we told in previous post, we are using Egyptian cotton for our production. In Egypt cotton find the right climate to grow at his best, with long staples. Longer is the staple, better quality is the yarn.
Years ago the cotton was picked up by hands, and this was the best way to keep its quality. There were plantation also in South Europe at that time, but years by years they disappeared, due to the high cost of the work and climate change.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A wall of socks

We are collectors of our own socks colour cards. To make our walls little happier during this raining Spring, we pinned them on our samples room's wall. The result is not so bad, it seems quite a modern art pictures exhibition...

The socks' wall
Will see if this will help to make the Sun coming back shining..

Wednesday, 11 April 2012


I suppose not everybody heard about Vicuna. The Vicuna is an animal living on the mountains in South America, having one of the finest hair in the world. For years the trade of vicuna yarn was forbidden, because to have the hair the only way was to kill the animal. Luckly today they found the way to have the hair without killing or injuring the animal, so we are able to work this incredible hair.
In our continuous quest for the finest yarns, we are developing our vicuna sock since 18 months ago.
Now this 35% vicuna 15% silk 50% Super 140's extrafine merino wool sock is born.
We are proud to present you our 400 $ sock. Only for the brave. You can decide now either to have one week holiday in the Caribbean or having one pair of socks : it's up to you !

The Vicuna sock

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Working on Spring 2013 collection

Already time to start working on new yarns and styles for Spring 2013. The beginning it is always a caos, like a tornado on the table..

Spring 12 styles
Usual the timing the socks arrive on the market it is 7/8 months later of the development of the collection.
But the way of working is changing a lot. More and more "in season" special issue, holidays collection, spot collection... It is becoming hard for Companies like ours, producing ourselves our socks, to organize everything, but we love our job !

Friday, 23 March 2012

Where to find Bresciani socks

The distribution of our brand is becoming wider every season. You can find a list of shops carrying our collection on our web site. It is a pleasure to have more and more people visiting our blog looking for technical information about our production (we can see some competitors too). We are doing our best to give the best quality possible to our consumers and we appreciated the fact people is interested in finding out why we are different compared to other socks Companies.
Bresciani Corporate Image 2011 2012

Magazines and newspapers are talking about us too, and you can be updated about what's going on visiting our Facebook or Twitter page too.
Happy Spring to Everybody !

Monday, 12 March 2012

100% Silk

Silk is the best yarn to keep the body's temperature. As everybody knows, silk is coming form the silk worm (the one becoming butterfly to be more clear) usually eating Mulberry leaves. We had a good silk production in Italy until the '50, then the culture disappeared with the disappearing of the Mulberry trees.
You can have different kind of silk : the shappe (which is the "normal" one) and the "organzino" one, which is the best and finest.
In men's fashion silk's socks were always pointed out as the best "cerimony" socks, while in the women's they were the first "sexy"socks, first produced on flat knitting frames.

Our Men's Organzino silk

Friday, 2 March 2012


This is a special kind of style, a mix between a jacquard and and embroidered pattern. It is very difficult to obtain, as the machine needs a very particular setup in order to be able to produce this sock.
The peculiarity is the play of the two threads, one colour up and one colour down, as for the jacquard, but complicated by the vertical stripes.
It is one of our best sellers.


Thursday, 23 February 2012

Where everything starts

Several times we discussed about how fundamental it is the yarn selected for production when talking about the quality of a sock.
Everything is starting from this step : selection of the correct yarn and quality control of the same.
We have suppliers working in patnership with us always looking for the best quality and performance.
Every season we select new yarns, we test them, and when we are 100% sure about, we add to our collection.

Image from the Cariaggi web site

Of course the base of our production it is Egyptian cotton, but we are doing a big volume of sales also in finest fibers such cashmere, cashmere and silk, wool and silk and Super 140's wool.
We are trying to give to our consumers the always the best quality and always looking for better.
Very important is it the count of the yarn (in previous posts you can find information about what it is and why it is important).

Friday, 17 February 2012

Good luck

We all need good luck for this 2012. We want to give our little help and we presented these "good luck" socks for the next Winter 2012 collection. They will be available in the stores starting from July.
The "good luck" socks
Three symbols meaning good luck in Italy (don't know if it is the same for other Countries) embroidered on our 90% cotton 10% spandex Unica collection. Some fun for our younger (maybe not only them) fans.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Information for the final consumers

Since mostly of the time our hosiery is sized, it is very important the final consumers select the right size when buying our socks. That's why we indicated all the shoe/sock sizes on the tag.

As we already mentioned on this blog, there is a big confusion on the interantional sizes, as you have American shoes' sizes, European shoes' sizes, European socks' sizes and the Small/Medium/Large..
It is a kind of jungle.
Sock size it is actually in iches. For example size 11 means 11 inches from the heel to the toe.
It is quite strange, but only few people knows it at the moment of the purchase.
On the tag you can find of course all the international information about the care of the product.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Production department

Having a well organized and clean production department it is the base for a quality product. We moved in the factory where we are today in 2000. To keep the quality standards we have to update yearly our machines range and spending money and time in manteinance.

All our machines are produced in Italy and most of the time we "customized" them due to a cooperation between the suppliers and our production people, in order to obtain the best knitting and quality.
To preserve the health of the people working in the production department, the section is air-conditioned, as the temperature, special during Summer, can reach very high levels, due to the engines running.
We have a special collecting line, where all the waste is going, in order to be sent to a Company specialized in recycling it.

Friday, 27 January 2012

MRKet New York show January 2012

MRKet show was held last week end in NY. We had a good one. The Italian section of the trade show was equal in Companies number compared to last season, but the show becomed bigger, as new US Companies were showing there.

Show entrance

Just at the entrance there was some nice installations with selected items (see pictures).

Macko installations

Sentiment of our customers was quite positive, as the dollar is little stronger compared to the euro and the sales during Christmas has been good. 2012 it is also the election year and usual this event is moving the economy, as most of our customers are selling high quality clothes and the election campaign is full of events were people need to be well dressed.