Friday, 23 March 2012

Where to find Bresciani socks

The distribution of our brand is becoming wider every season. You can find a list of shops carrying our collection on our web site. It is a pleasure to have more and more people visiting our blog looking for technical information about our production (we can see some competitors too). We are doing our best to give the best quality possible to our consumers and we appreciated the fact people is interested in finding out why we are different compared to other socks Companies.
Bresciani Corporate Image 2011 2012

Magazines and newspapers are talking about us too, and you can be updated about what's going on visiting our Facebook or Twitter page too.
Happy Spring to Everybody !

Monday, 12 March 2012

100% Silk

Silk is the best yarn to keep the body's temperature. As everybody knows, silk is coming form the silk worm (the one becoming butterfly to be more clear) usually eating Mulberry leaves. We had a good silk production in Italy until the '50, then the culture disappeared with the disappearing of the Mulberry trees.
You can have different kind of silk : the shappe (which is the "normal" one) and the "organzino" one, which is the best and finest.
In men's fashion silk's socks were always pointed out as the best "cerimony" socks, while in the women's they were the first "sexy"socks, first produced on flat knitting frames.

Our Men's Organzino silk

Friday, 2 March 2012


This is a special kind of style, a mix between a jacquard and and embroidered pattern. It is very difficult to obtain, as the machine needs a very particular setup in order to be able to produce this sock.
The peculiarity is the play of the two threads, one colour up and one colour down, as for the jacquard, but complicated by the vertical stripes.
It is one of our best sellers.