Friday, 27 July 2012

Old good times

When Mario Bresciani founded the Bresciani Company, we were at the beginning of the '70. Was the time of the long collar shirts, long hair, pants with large cuffs.. At the beginning of the '80 he started attending our first Interantional shows in Milan. The '80 were great years of international success of the Company. We started first exporting to USA and then Japan, Europe and Russia followed.

First Milan shows as "Lord dei Lord" brand
It was a kind of "conquer of the West". Hudge spaces were opening for the Italian artisan Companies at that time and Italian enterpreneurs were around USA with their bags full of shirts, pants, ties..and socks, trying to convince uncle Sam to buy their goods...the old good times.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Experiments on printed socks

The design on the sock it is usually made up by the machine. Can be a jacquard (two tones of colours), embroidered (plain sock with little design) or textured (same colour knitted design). But now the technology allow to print  on the sock. It is quite an expensive procedure, because the sock has to be fixed in 7 points to the printing table and this is taking time, and time in our business means increasing of cost, but the result is quite nice.
Actually it is not a really new technology, as it is around since 1970, but with the new hardware and software, becomed more cost accesible.

Printed socks

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Making up colour cards

Being part of the business means we have to arrange collections to show to the retailers selling our socks, in order to allow them placing orders for the seasons.
Usually the trade shows and the sales season are 6 months in advance compare to the time you will find the socks in the shops.
Making up the collections and colour cards is another part of the business Bresciani is doing directly.
We make up all our colour cards inside our factory. It is not an easy job (we make something like 2.500 colour cards every season). But it is also fun to work on it (will see the reaction of the people doing this job, when reading my words here)..
pieces of yarn used to make up the colour card

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Shorter than short ?

When it is very hot, people is sometime wearing what we are used to call "ghost" socks. It is not so elegant, but since for someone there is no alternative during Summer, we decided to add to our collection some of these socks, but giving them a touch of personality.

Ped socks
So...we wish you all a good Summer and enjoy your holidays !