Thursday, 20 September 2012

Sancta Sanctorum

All factories have a pulsing heart. Beside of the production department, ours is located in the room where we store all the old styles of previous seasons. You can find there styles sampled, produced or just experiments never gone on sale. Company has 42 years of history, so you can imaging how many socks there are in this room, keeping in mind we produced something like 200 new styles every year.

This is one of the big differences between a manufacturing industry and a commercial Company. All the knowledge, the know how, the history you can find in a production factory, are very difficult to find in a Company who just buy and re sell to the market.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Hard work

Running a textile Company it is not only style and shows. There is the hard work of a lot of people behind. And most of the time this work  has not the same "appeal" for the people, as the tradeshows and the catwalks have.
For example there are people moving the boxes in the warehouse. Simple at the first sight, but not so simple in the reality. All the yarn's arrivals have to be checked, in weight and in quality, registered and moved to the shelfs.

Yarns' boxes Warehouse
It is the first of a lot of different steps, heading to the final product you can find at your favourite retailers.
Just to give you an idea the yarn is stored by date of arrival, in order to use for production always the same shade of colour for the single order.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The past is always coming back

As already mentioned in some previous post, fashion is always a kind of circle and design are returning years later. That is why our "socks Museum" it is very important to us.
Always, when start working on a new collection, we have first a look to our old colour cards.
It is a neverending source of inspiration. We have these books disposed all around the factory. They are a kind of pictures because it isn't fashion, at the end, an art ?

Colour cards of the '50
This is the good point about our job : you can always create something new, unique, having inspiration from the past and revisiting it in a modern way.
By the a few days will already be time to think about Winter 2013 !