Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Esquire Big Black Book Winter Issue

Communication is more and more important. It is vital for small Companies like ours to keep their consumers updated about latest news in collection.
Not all the Magazine are the same. In USA we selected Esquire as ideal partner for Bresciani.
BBB Winter Issue
We are present in the Winter 2012 Issue of the Big Black Book. The right windows to link our little factory in Italy to the big USA market. Have a look !

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Spring 2013 : Colours and Colours

Socks' trend for Spring 2013 is still colour. Bright colours, sometime in bold design, but mostly old style revisited. You may be surprised we are talking about Spring 2013 when Winter 2012 is not yet on his way, but factories are used to think at least 9 months ahead. We are now already working on Winter 2013 collection, already selected the new yarns and selecting the new styles. Production is running Spring 2013 production and shipping department is sending out the last Winter 2012 parcels to our retailers all over the globe.

Spring 2013 production
It is quite difficult to manage with the right timing all the process. We have to think in the meantime referring to different seasons, split in the window of 12 months. We are working now on the collection will be in the stores next September 2013.
Can't show you all the new styles now, as we need to create a little suspense...stay tuned !

Monday, 8 October 2012


The place where we are living influence for sure our work. Centuries of history can't  not having a part on the way we are working and on our concept of lifestyle
Bergamo upper City has thousands of history, and during the Centuries was subjected to the domination of Rome, Venice, Spain, France and Austria.
A kind of "melting pot" of cultures mixed with the original Celts population.
People used to fight for surviving and used to hard work, but also interested in Art. Caravaggio, Bartolomeo Colleoni, Pope Giovanni XXIII, Manz├╣..only to name few of the "sons" of our City.
So..hard work, style, but always with the feet on the ground. Something we hope we transmitted in our products.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Cones of yarn

After 22 years in this business, still I'm wondering when thinking about how 120.000 meters of yarn can be in one cone.

120/2 cotton's cone

The one in the picture is a cone of 120/2 cotton. It means in this cone we have 120.000 meters (120 km !) of yarn spinned in 2 ply.
Can you imaging you can put out of your window's car the thread and drive for 120 km before the yarn finish...amazing !
I suppose if we do the same for all the cones we have in the warehouse we can do the tour of the world..