Thursday, 19 December 2013

The cotton Museum of Cairo

I have here on my desk this Amazing book published by Filmar Spa, our cotton's supplier.

Unfortunately I didn't (yet) visit the Museum in Cairo (Egypt), but this trip is now on my wishlist.
I would like to thank the Marzoli Family, owner of Filmar Spa, for their commitment in developing this project and give my congratulations for such great result.
sometime we forget about our roots. In this particular case, the roots are the ones of the cotton, and they are tightly rooted to the Egyptian ground. It is really amazing to focus on how all the "fahion Circus" is strongly depending on the hands of the people picking up the cotton's flakes..

So, a good reading..

Friday, 6 December 2013

Filo di Scozia

One of the most popular question about socks, after asking "what does it mean hand linked", is "what does it mean Filo di Scozia ?".
Filo di Scozia or Fil d'Ecosse, is not related to the fact the cotton is coming from the beautiful Scotland, but it is related to a special procedure to spin the raw cotton.
The cotton should be extra-long staple,mercerized, gassed, twisted and most important, has to be equal or finest 60/2 Nm (it means 60.000 meters of thread in 1 kg two ply).
It is worth to remember "Filo Scozia" is a trademark.
So pay attention when you buy : a lot of people is promoting to use real Filo Scozia, but really few do it in reality.
Have a look to this VERY clear slide on the official web site :
..and it is Worth to remember one of the certified Companies, Filmar, is our supplier..
From the staple to the sock

Saturday, 23 November 2013

In praise of wool socks

As cotton for Summer, wool should be the best for Winter.
And it was this way until the marketing of the big ones give pressure on final consumer to buy only cotton all year round.
There is obviously a reason for that : to avoid all the complains of people washing the socks in the wrong way and have them shrunk.
But if you wash 30 degrees and no tumble, nothing is more comfortable than light Merino wool for Winter time.
Wool is keeping the body temperature and you can wonder why some people are wearing light wool cloths also in the desert..
Extrafine Merino Australian wool 2/72.000 count

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Going back to the future

Details are important at Bresciani
During last months we had several discussions about the future of our industry. The big brands are bigger and bigger and are melting all together in big groups, taking over 90% of the market....and the small ones ?
I think our future is in our past. We have to go back thinking at the idea of the small artisan boutique, were everything was made to measure and kind of "one piece" masterwork. Maybe not litterally, but the concept is clear : who can't afford big advertising investments, has to put all his energy in  giving to the final consumer the best quality and service.
In the past the artisan's boutique had as customers the neighborhood, now, with the web, the audience is the world and is more than enough for a small Company.
So...all little details are important and the service too.
We have 120 different yarns in our warehouse at the moment, 6.000 design in our Archives, 200 new styles every season, just in socks and now we are going to reply this for our underwear line.
Do you agree ? Comments are welcome !!

Saturday, 9 November 2013


Talking about clothing, all the care we should have about our own body, is starting from the "simple" things directly in contact with our skin.
Socks, underwear and pajamas.
Was a natural step for Bresciani to add them to our offer.
As for all the manufacts we have in our collection, the root of everything is the selection of the best raw materials.
In this case nothing better than the all natural cotton.
The second step is the care about the cut, in order to find the best fitting. So there was a lot of work about this issue, before we finally decided to launch the final version.
Third is the sewing, the famous count "stitches for inch"...
to be continued

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Be prepared Moscow, we are arriving..

Dear friends,

as announced, in a few weeks the first Bresciani monobrand shop in the world will be open at Crocus City Mall, Moscow, Russia.
we are very excited !
Will keep you posted, stay tuned !
Bresciani window at Crocus City Mall
Socks, but not only socks. Underwear, Pijamas, knitted cashmere hats, cashmere scarfs...

Have a nice Winter !

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Not only white

Bresciani blue T Shirt

Underwear classic colour is white, there are no doubts about, but not only white.
In our collection we propose white, blue, black and grey, in order to give to our friends more options, as our T shirts are so fine and the details are so accurate, that you can wear them as outerwear too..
In all the blogs about fashion you can find the issue about the number of stitches per inch as a very important quality detail. It's true, more stitches per inch you have more fine and high quality the product is. We sew our underwear the same way the best shirts' makers sew their shirts, to give the best comfort and best quality.
We use the best jersey quality, but we already discussed about this in previous posts.
...and in the meantime the last socks flowers of the season are blooming ..

Monday, 30 September 2013

How much should it be long ?

One of the big problem about socks is about the lenght of the leg.
When Bresciani born in 1970 the question was not relevant. We were present in Italy only and 100% of our production was knee high. When moving across the Ocean we discovered our American friends didn't like so much the over the calf sock, but they prefer better a kind of three quarter calf lenght.
Moving more East we found out that our Japanese friends preferred a double cuff and elestic socks, because it seems they have very sensitive calfs. Now we discovered Chinese prefer to have a lenght just below the calf.
There is enough for big headache...
There real funny thing is that everybody's thinking the others are wrong...
Don Quijote and Sacnho Panza
what is your opinion about ?

Saturday, 21 September 2013

OK, here we's Autumn time

Ok, I'm just only one of the millions telling "hey, we are officially in Autumn !". But that's life, good or bad, here we are. So it's time to think about wardrobe for a colder weather.
Starting from light Merino wool and Pima cotton to heavy 4 threads cashmere's socks.
We have socks for every taste.
As we said in previous posts, cashmere/silk it is one of the best, as it is light, warm and the silk is keeping the body's temperature. Better the ribbed version, as the ribs are giving more fitting to the sock.
Fall/Winter 2013 collection
It seems the trend of heavy/Norvegian fancies socks is going on for this Winter too. We are going back to the hand knitted grandmother's heavy wool socks, kids were using to wear during the '60.
At that time was just to protect the little feet from the cold, now is more about fashion.
So...have a wonderful Autumn !

Tuesday, 10 September 2013


It often happens, when talking to our retail partners, to discover that the little details about our production we never highlight, because they are "normal" to us, are the most important and amazing for the rest of the world.
"What is the meaning of the ribbed part under the elastic on the over the calf sock ?" - "oh, that's the cuff.." - "what ?! What do you mean for cuff ?" ".....". The dots mean what's going on in my mind when discovering (and that's normal) that 90% of the consumers don't know at all what is a cuff, an hand linked toe, an high heel, a derby rib....
It happens, after 25 years in this business, to discover that our is a small but complicate world.
The ribbon on the toe of the sock it is another "trademark" of Bresciani. We made it by hands. It takes time to do it by hands. Why we do it ? Because the sock is better looking (and because based on colour of the ribbon, you can discover the size of the sock...oh, that's another detail, our socks are sized..).
So, please, if you have any kind of question, just comment on this blog, and we will try to give you all the answers you need.
Red ribbon, size 11 (11 inches)

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Men's knee high socks for women : new Winter 13 trend ?

Cashmere and Silk
Looking at the shops' Windows in Italy, there is no doubt that the knee high socks (in wool, cotton or silk) will be the trend for the coming Winter 2013 season.
Knee high socks "college" look in wool and cotton, or "sexy" 100% silk socks.
Just simple plain colours or fancy, both dress and bold casuals.
I suppose it is not necessary to tell we have A LOT to propose..
Knee high heavy weight Merino wool

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Pima cotton

Summer season is unfortunately moving towards its end. For sure it's not already time to think about cold weather, but approaching a much "fresh" season, it's a good idea to make a stock of "mid season" socks.
Pima cotton socks are a good option for this time of the year.
We offer them made up on ours 120 and ours 176 needles machines.
Argyles, plain or jacquards.

100% Pima cotton socks

A touch of colour to challange the grey Autumn..

Monday, 12 August 2013

Confirmed : linen is really good in hot weather

Just back from one week holiday in Greece. It was really worth the trip.

Lindos - Greece

Only problem was the extremly hot weather. All the small shops in the little islands are full or linen garments. Just to confirm that this yarn is one of the best to beat the warm and humid weather.
The Summer is in its full now, so I hope you can have feet in the sea during day, but for your Summer evening, you have a large selection of linen colours from Bresciani !

100% Linen socks

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Bresciani and social networks

Bresciani is using this blog to communicate with his fans and customers, but not only the blog.
We have our Facebook page :

We have our Twitter account :

..and our Instagram page :


last our Tumblr account :

...and our Pinterest page :

Bresciani vawes

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Colour's combinations

In the technology and web era, it seems quite strange that the best way to work on colour combinations it is still to produce the piece of fabric.
Yes, we have CAD programs, we have colour cards..but nothing compare the REAL material.
Also because sometime is not quite sure that Yellow + Blue made on a jacquard machine has the same visual effect of the same combination made on a mono cylinder machine..
It is a complicate job (and quite expansive), but also interesting and exciting.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Socks to wear with Jeans in Summer

Some people is forgetting socks in the drawer when hot Summer is coming; of course we don't agree with this policy. First because we have families to feed, second because it is more hygenic to wear socks (are you sure about the chemical treatment your shoes have been subject ?) and third because it is not true socks are making you feel more warm. A dry foot is a lot better compared to a sweaty one.
So, what is better than wearing a pair of light 100% Extrafine cotton socks, when you are around wearing your Jeans ? All the shades of blue, navy and light grey are the best.
If you want to be different, 100% linen it is an excellent option too. The melange shades of blue and grey are matching perfectly the colour of the Jeans .
Finally you can match the colour of your socks to the colour of your T shirt or shirt. And here you have thousands of option in the Bresciani collection ...

Saturday, 29 June 2013

V neck, round neck

The underwear's world is really interesting. Most of people is thinking that a T shirt is a simple thing, but just paying a little attention to the matter, it is easy to discover there is a hudge variety of models, fitting and styles.
The main option about T shirt is : V or round neck ?
People wearing shirt with first bottons opened prefer for sure the first option, while more "sensitive to cold" people, go for the round neck.
Our T shirt are made up using 80/2 Egyptian Extrafine cotton, mercerized and "sanforized" (not sure this is the right word in English).
Extrafine Egyptian Cotton Bresciani T Shirts

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Pitti Uomo 84 - Spring Summer 2014

As usual the Pitti is the grand operning of the Circus and as usual Bresciani presented its new Spring Summer 2014 collection during the exhibition in Florence.
 Nothing compare the wide selection of international exhibitors of the Pitti.
 During the show the beautiful Florence become an international capital of fashion, with the streets full of people coming from all over the world.
This season's "fil rouge" was the world of motorbikes.
Bresciani introduced his "football" sock, which had 4th place attending the "Gazzetta dello Sport" contest (more than 60 Companies partecipating).
Spring means light weight socks, cotton, linen, silk.. wide range of fancies and blends in our collection, as usual..
The underwear Bresciani collection was really appreciated and is having more and more positive feedbacks from retailers.
The "number one" Country for us was Russia, but we had a lot of our American, European and Japanese friends coming to visit us. It is Always a pleasure to meet people and have feedbacks. Specially it the feedbacks are positive !

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Bespoke socks

One of the main issue about producers it is that producers can manage their own production and their research, quality and development department.
So they can use this department as they want, also if sometime working on special projects it is not economic on a financial side.
Working this way for Companies just marketing and not producing, it is too expensive.
So the progress are coming 99% from producers.
Said that, one of the project we developed during last year is the "Bespoke" sock. Our socks are already a kind of "Made to measure", as we are proposing 9 different sizes for men, as usual competitors go for one size or at least small, medium and large.
But we did something more : a sock completly made on personal measures : the lenght of the leg, the wide of the calf and the lenght of the foot.
Just experimenting now with selected retail partners, but first customers' feedback is enthusiastic.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

12 steps

Believe it or not, our sock undergoes 12 different production and quality control steps, before to leave the factory.
Everything starts of course in the machines department, where we have the first quality control.
The socks are then moved to the washing and testing depatment, in order to check the quality of the yarn and the colours.
The travel is continuing trough the lenght and threads controls...
We will dedicate a special post in the future about all the chain, from the machine to your wardrobe..
Spring 2013

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Bresciani on the Web

Bresciani socks have a strong success on the web. Socks are quite easy to buy on the net, as the only reference you need is your correct size.
You can find an updated retailers list on, but it is worth to post the list here too : A SUITABLE WARDROBE
if you prefer real shops, of course on you can also find a list of our retailers' shops.
Calzina, Bresciani testimonial
The web is becoming more and more important for Companies like ours, investing every cent of profit in the production process and having just a little of the budget in advertising. This means the quality/price for the product you are buying it is the best possible.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Underwear collection

Message for all our Bresciani fans : visit us during Pitti and you will see the new underwear (T Shirts, boxers and pijamas) Bresciani collection.
Made up using the best Egyptian cotton, jersey knitted in a small laboratory in Carpi (Italy) and produced in our Bresciani production department.
This is only one of the big news coming up for next Winter. Stay tuned because a really BIG one is knocking at the door...
Bresciani T Shirt

Friday, 10 May 2013

Knitting points

Beside of the fitting of the sock, the number of needles is influencing the look too. More needles the machine has, more knitting point the design has and, consequently, more defined it is.
Our machines with 260, 240 and 216 needles are the most fine on the market (for men's socks).
This is why we are able to reach a good definition of the design.
Better then this you can only have the print or the embroidery. When working on a new desing it is very important to understand how the threads are moving inside the sock, in order to have a good fitting. Too much inside threads could mean very difficult wearing (too tight fitting) or danger when wearing the socks (the fingers can "link" the thread and pull them).
Not so easy to make a sock, guys..
A close look to the knitting points

Friday, 3 May 2013

This cotton is soft...

A lot of people are thinking a soft hand is making automatically a cotton sock an high quality sock.
Which is absolutely not true..
A soft hand is for sure a good thing, but not necessarly indicates a good quality of cotton.
You can go trough the posts we wrote during these years, to understand why there is more to know about this matter, but just to re cap, the quality of cotton is much related to the lenght of the staple or the cotton flake.
A cotton sock can be nice and soft hand but very short fiber, which is making it very poor and not durable. Futhermore when it is blended with syntetic materials, could be soft but not allow the transpiration of the skin or, even worst, it can be gone trough chemical process to make it softer.
So...being soft is good, but not enough !
100% Egyptian Cotton Socks

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Sea Island Cotton

The wide offer of natural fibers Bresciani collection is offering, include the Sea Island cotton too.
The Sea Island Cotton it is one of the best quality of cotton in the world, thanks to its long fibres. It is grown in the Caribbean islands and its production is limited.
The hand of this cotton is spectacular : soft as cashmere, but light as cotton. This is due to climate of the place where it is grown, which allow the cotton to have a longer staple.
This is a perfect socks for the mid season weather, as it is light but also little "wooly" hand.
100% Sea Island cotton

Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Don't know if this is professional or not, but actually I don't care and I would like to write a personal note.
Sunday we lost one of the person who made this Company what it is today.
A great person and a great man, who was with us for 40 years.
We will miss him.
Rest in peace and Arrivederci Giuseppe.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Matching the colours of your sock to...?

After talking about technical issues and investigations about production's details, let's take few minutes to talk about fashion issues.
How people select the colour of the socks to wear ?
The are different schools of thinking about this question which is the real problem of today's world..
Most of peole are matching the colour of the socks to the colour of the trousers, some to the colour of the shoes...
Personally we think it is a good option to match the colour of the socks to the colour of the tie (if you ever will wear one) or to the colour of the sweater you are wearing.
Unless you want to go wild and wear socks macthing no other piece's of your wardrobe colours, just to "be different".
Finally..just wear the colour of your "mood of the day"; for us the only important matter it is that you will wear OUR socks... 
Have a nice and colorful week end !
socks' flowers

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Monsieur Magazine

We already discussed about the Italian luxury Magazine Monsieur and how this publication is reflecting our idea of quality and Made in Italy.
We are now proud to be featured in the April 2013 issue.

Forgive us for the quality of the images, but we was not able to wait for the correct images and we posted the ones took in our "artisanal" way.

Being on Monsiuer it is some way a certification of the quality of the work we did during the 43 years of our Company. The focus is on Mario Bresciani, our President, and his meaning of Made in Italy and production.

The pictures of course don't give the right idea about the quality of the we can just suggest you to go buying your personal copy of Monsiuer !

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Love and Passion : key for quality and success

As I told several time, what you find in the shops is the result of a lot of "secret" work, made by special people, who believe in what they are doing and always trying to do it at their best.
Is not always easy, as not all the jobs have the same "appeal" and honestly some of them are really boring; that's why we try to change the position of our people often, in order to let them first learn everything and second to change a little their daily "routine".
Involving the people in understanding what they are doing is the best way to keep the quality.
And trying to involve them also economically (not only of words the man is living) in the success of the Company it is another key...
Needles and Heart
So sometime we understand we are on the right way (see the picture)...

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Bresciani Blue Book

Business has changed dramatically during the last 5 years. More and more, Companies has to be warehouse in outsourcing for the retailers (when the Company doesn't have direct monobrand shops).
So we organized to have more and more styles in stock service (ready to ship).
We grouped these styles in our Blue Book, the book of permanent styles.
Herringbones, Pois, stripes and of course basic plain colours in cotton, wool, cashmere, silk, cashmere/silk...
Bresciani Blue Book
This is one of the reason the trend for Fashion Companies is to open direct shops, because they already have the warehouses full of merchandise and it is better to put the goods on sale in a shop, instead of let them stay in the warehouse waiting for retailers' orders.
Of course the matter is not so simple as I wrote, as running a store is quite complicated and has a cost, but...don't forget the web...

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Regimental Socks

The Regimental style is maybe one of the oldest ones. Stiped Regimental socks were always used to recognize the members of a school, a club or, as for sure was at the beginning, a Military Regiment.
Regimental tie and socks were usually a kind of "trademark" for the members and still they are for some school and clubs.
During the years this style underwent several variations but still is one of the classic evergreens.
Regimental socks

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Milan Fashion Week MFW

Milan Fashion Week is starting today. It is always very exciting, as the shows are attracting in Milan people from all the world. Most of final consumers don't consider that behind the big fashion names and brands, there are a lot of small, sometime micro, laboratories and artisans, producing the beautiful masterworks you see on TV during this week.
Fashion is a very important Industry for Italy and our stylists are keeping high the name of our Country in the world. They are the Admirals of this big boat, but don't forget there are also thousands of simple sailors giving their work for this exciting Cruise over the Fashion Sea..

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Made In Italy

Unfortunately there are "fakes" Made in Italy on the market. We are proud to confirm we produce all our socks in our factory in Bergamo since 1970. No exceptions, no excuses, no tricks.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

hand linking the socks

Cones in our linking Department
Sometime a picture is worth thousand words. You can see here our linking department. Those ones are the cones used to hand link the socks.
You can notice a rainbow of colours, as we link the socks with the same colour and material making up them. This mean the lady linking has to change often the cone used, but the result it is a flat knit of the same colour of the other part of the sock. So a better comfort and a better look.
If you see socks linked with different colours, it means the Company producing wants to save time and money, not changing the coloour of the cone in production.
Can you believe we have people doing this job since 1970 ? Unfortunately for us they will soon retire..

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The little boutique of socks' experiments

Our lab is like a vulcano, always warm and ready to explode with something new. Most of time we are playing with new yarns, cooperating with our suppliers in developing some new and unique sock. We are now already thinking about 2014 and we have a lot on the table : deer, guanaco, vicuna, alpaca, cotton/ananas, cotton/banana (some of them are very funny, yes..), wood fiber..
Vicuna, Deer, Guanaco, Alpaca...
It is a work really taking time and money, but this is in the DNA of Bresciani and it is one of the most exciting things about our job. Not all the experiments, of course, will arrive to the stores, as the process to test them is very long and has to follow strict rules.
Ok, it's time to go back working now..

Friday, 25 January 2013

MRKet New York January 2013

After Pitti all our crew moved to New York for the MRKet show, held at the Javitz center, in the heart of Manhattan.
We met there all our American retailers and it was a good occasion to introduce our partners to the new Winter 2013 collection. They selected the socks you will see in the stores starting from August 2013.
Main Show Entrance
There were around 500 exhibithors, most ot them from USA, but also a good number from Italy, England and France.

These shows are always important to share information about the situation of the sales, to have feedbacks from our retailers and to study together the best strategies for the coming season.
It seems confirmed the trend for Winter 2013 is still about heavy weight socks, "mountain" style.