Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Regimental Socks

The Regimental style is maybe one of the oldest ones. Stiped Regimental socks were always used to recognize the members of a school, a club or, as for sure was at the beginning, a Military Regiment.
Regimental tie and socks were usually a kind of "trademark" for the members and still they are for some school and clubs.
During the years this style underwent several variations but still is one of the classic evergreens.
Regimental socks

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Milan Fashion Week MFW

Milan Fashion Week is starting today. It is always very exciting, as the shows are attracting in Milan people from all the world. Most of final consumers don't consider that behind the big fashion names and brands, there are a lot of small, sometime micro, laboratories and artisans, producing the beautiful masterworks you see on TV during this week.
Fashion is a very important Industry for Italy and our stylists are keeping high the name of our Country in the world. They are the Admirals of this big boat, but don't forget there are also thousands of simple sailors giving their work for this exciting Cruise over the Fashion Sea..

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Made In Italy

Unfortunately there are "fakes" Made in Italy on the market. We are proud to confirm we produce all our socks in our factory in Bergamo since 1970. No exceptions, no excuses, no tricks.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

hand linking the socks

Cones in our linking Department
Sometime a picture is worth thousand words. You can see here our linking department. Those ones are the cones used to hand link the socks.
You can notice a rainbow of colours, as we link the socks with the same colour and material making up them. This mean the lady linking has to change often the cone used, but the result it is a flat knit of the same colour of the other part of the sock. So a better comfort and a better look.
If you see socks linked with different colours, it means the Company producing wants to save time and money, not changing the coloour of the cone in production.
Can you believe we have people doing this job since 1970 ? Unfortunately for us they will soon retire..