Saturday, 20 April 2013

Sea Island Cotton

The wide offer of natural fibers Bresciani collection is offering, include the Sea Island cotton too.
The Sea Island Cotton it is one of the best quality of cotton in the world, thanks to its long fibres. It is grown in the Caribbean islands and its production is limited.
The hand of this cotton is spectacular : soft as cashmere, but light as cotton. This is due to climate of the place where it is grown, which allow the cotton to have a longer staple.
This is a perfect socks for the mid season weather, as it is light but also little "wooly" hand.
100% Sea Island cotton

Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Don't know if this is professional or not, but actually I don't care and I would like to write a personal note.
Sunday we lost one of the person who made this Company what it is today.
A great person and a great man, who was with us for 40 years.
We will miss him.
Rest in peace and Arrivederci Giuseppe.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Matching the colours of your sock to...?

After talking about technical issues and investigations about production's details, let's take few minutes to talk about fashion issues.
How people select the colour of the socks to wear ?
The are different schools of thinking about this question which is the real problem of today's world..
Most of peole are matching the colour of the socks to the colour of the trousers, some to the colour of the shoes...
Personally we think it is a good option to match the colour of the socks to the colour of the tie (if you ever will wear one) or to the colour of the sweater you are wearing.
Unless you want to go wild and wear socks macthing no other piece's of your wardrobe colours, just to "be different".
Finally..just wear the colour of your "mood of the day"; for us the only important matter it is that you will wear OUR socks... 
Have a nice and colorful week end !
socks' flowers