Saturday, 25 May 2013

Bresciani on the Web

Bresciani socks have a strong success on the web. Socks are quite easy to buy on the net, as the only reference you need is your correct size.
You can find an updated retailers list on, but it is worth to post the list here too : A SUITABLE WARDROBE
if you prefer real shops, of course on you can also find a list of our retailers' shops.
Calzina, Bresciani testimonial
The web is becoming more and more important for Companies like ours, investing every cent of profit in the production process and having just a little of the budget in advertising. This means the quality/price for the product you are buying it is the best possible.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Underwear collection

Message for all our Bresciani fans : visit us during Pitti and you will see the new underwear (T Shirts, boxers and pijamas) Bresciani collection.
Made up using the best Egyptian cotton, jersey knitted in a small laboratory in Carpi (Italy) and produced in our Bresciani production department.
This is only one of the big news coming up for next Winter. Stay tuned because a really BIG one is knocking at the door...
Bresciani T Shirt

Friday, 10 May 2013

Knitting points

Beside of the fitting of the sock, the number of needles is influencing the look too. More needles the machine has, more knitting point the design has and, consequently, more defined it is.
Our machines with 260, 240 and 216 needles are the most fine on the market (for men's socks).
This is why we are able to reach a good definition of the design.
Better then this you can only have the print or the embroidery. When working on a new desing it is very important to understand how the threads are moving inside the sock, in order to have a good fitting. Too much inside threads could mean very difficult wearing (too tight fitting) or danger when wearing the socks (the fingers can "link" the thread and pull them).
Not so easy to make a sock, guys..
A close look to the knitting points

Friday, 3 May 2013

This cotton is soft...

A lot of people are thinking a soft hand is making automatically a cotton sock an high quality sock.
Which is absolutely not true..
A soft hand is for sure a good thing, but not necessarly indicates a good quality of cotton.
You can go trough the posts we wrote during these years, to understand why there is more to know about this matter, but just to re cap, the quality of cotton is much related to the lenght of the staple or the cotton flake.
A cotton sock can be nice and soft hand but very short fiber, which is making it very poor and not durable. Futhermore when it is blended with syntetic materials, could be soft but not allow the transpiration of the skin or, even worst, it can be gone trough chemical process to make it softer.
So...being soft is good, but not enough !
100% Egyptian Cotton Socks