Friday, 3 May 2013

This cotton is soft...

A lot of people are thinking a soft hand is making automatically a cotton sock an high quality sock.
Which is absolutely not true..
A soft hand is for sure a good thing, but not necessarly indicates a good quality of cotton.
You can go trough the posts we wrote during these years, to understand why there is more to know about this matter, but just to re cap, the quality of cotton is much related to the lenght of the staple or the cotton flake.
A cotton sock can be nice and soft hand but very short fiber, which is making it very poor and not durable. Futhermore when it is blended with syntetic materials, could be soft but not allow the transpiration of the skin or, even worst, it can be gone trough chemical process to make it softer.
So...being soft is good, but not enough !
100% Egyptian Cotton Socks

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