Saturday, 29 June 2013

V neck, round neck

The underwear's world is really interesting. Most of people is thinking that a T shirt is a simple thing, but just paying a little attention to the matter, it is easy to discover there is a hudge variety of models, fitting and styles.
The main option about T shirt is : V or round neck ?
People wearing shirt with first bottons opened prefer for sure the first option, while more "sensitive to cold" people, go for the round neck.
Our T shirt are made up using 80/2 Egyptian Extrafine cotton, mercerized and "sanforized" (not sure this is the right word in English).
Extrafine Egyptian Cotton Bresciani T Shirts

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Pitti Uomo 84 - Spring Summer 2014

As usual the Pitti is the grand operning of the Circus and as usual Bresciani presented its new Spring Summer 2014 collection during the exhibition in Florence.
 Nothing compare the wide selection of international exhibitors of the Pitti.
 During the show the beautiful Florence become an international capital of fashion, with the streets full of people coming from all over the world.
This season's "fil rouge" was the world of motorbikes.
Bresciani introduced his "football" sock, which had 4th place attending the "Gazzetta dello Sport" contest (more than 60 Companies partecipating).
Spring means light weight socks, cotton, linen, silk.. wide range of fancies and blends in our collection, as usual..
The underwear Bresciani collection was really appreciated and is having more and more positive feedbacks from retailers.
The "number one" Country for us was Russia, but we had a lot of our American, European and Japanese friends coming to visit us. It is Always a pleasure to meet people and have feedbacks. Specially it the feedbacks are positive !

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Bespoke socks

One of the main issue about producers it is that producers can manage their own production and their research, quality and development department.
So they can use this department as they want, also if sometime working on special projects it is not economic on a financial side.
Working this way for Companies just marketing and not producing, it is too expensive.
So the progress are coming 99% from producers.
Said that, one of the project we developed during last year is the "Bespoke" sock. Our socks are already a kind of "Made to measure", as we are proposing 9 different sizes for men, as usual competitors go for one size or at least small, medium and large.
But we did something more : a sock completly made on personal measures : the lenght of the leg, the wide of the calf and the lenght of the foot.
Just experimenting now with selected retail partners, but first customers' feedback is enthusiastic.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

12 steps

Believe it or not, our sock undergoes 12 different production and quality control steps, before to leave the factory.
Everything starts of course in the machines department, where we have the first quality control.
The socks are then moved to the washing and testing depatment, in order to check the quality of the yarn and the colours.
The travel is continuing trough the lenght and threads controls...
We will dedicate a special post in the future about all the chain, from the machine to your wardrobe..
Spring 2013