Monday, 30 September 2013

How much should it be long ?

One of the big problem about socks is about the lenght of the leg.
When Bresciani born in 1970 the question was not relevant. We were present in Italy only and 100% of our production was knee high. When moving across the Ocean we discovered our American friends didn't like so much the over the calf sock, but they prefer better a kind of three quarter calf lenght.
Moving more East we found out that our Japanese friends preferred a double cuff and elestic socks, because it seems they have very sensitive calfs. Now we discovered Chinese prefer to have a lenght just below the calf.
There is enough for big headache...
There real funny thing is that everybody's thinking the others are wrong...
Don Quijote and Sacnho Panza
what is your opinion about ?

Saturday, 21 September 2013

OK, here we's Autumn time

Ok, I'm just only one of the millions telling "hey, we are officially in Autumn !". But that's life, good or bad, here we are. So it's time to think about wardrobe for a colder weather.
Starting from light Merino wool and Pima cotton to heavy 4 threads cashmere's socks.
We have socks for every taste.
As we said in previous posts, cashmere/silk it is one of the best, as it is light, warm and the silk is keeping the body's temperature. Better the ribbed version, as the ribs are giving more fitting to the sock.
Fall/Winter 2013 collection
It seems the trend of heavy/Norvegian fancies socks is going on for this Winter too. We are going back to the hand knitted grandmother's heavy wool socks, kids were using to wear during the '60.
At that time was just to protect the little feet from the cold, now is more about fashion.
So...have a wonderful Autumn !

Tuesday, 10 September 2013


It often happens, when talking to our retail partners, to discover that the little details about our production we never highlight, because they are "normal" to us, are the most important and amazing for the rest of the world.
"What is the meaning of the ribbed part under the elastic on the over the calf sock ?" - "oh, that's the cuff.." - "what ?! What do you mean for cuff ?" ".....". The dots mean what's going on in my mind when discovering (and that's normal) that 90% of the consumers don't know at all what is a cuff, an hand linked toe, an high heel, a derby rib....
It happens, after 25 years in this business, to discover that our is a small but complicate world.
The ribbon on the toe of the sock it is another "trademark" of Bresciani. We made it by hands. It takes time to do it by hands. Why we do it ? Because the sock is better looking (and because based on colour of the ribbon, you can discover the size of the sock...oh, that's another detail, our socks are sized..).
So, please, if you have any kind of question, just comment on this blog, and we will try to give you all the answers you need.
Red ribbon, size 11 (11 inches)

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Men's knee high socks for women : new Winter 13 trend ?

Cashmere and Silk
Looking at the shops' Windows in Italy, there is no doubt that the knee high socks (in wool, cotton or silk) will be the trend for the coming Winter 2013 season.
Knee high socks "college" look in wool and cotton, or "sexy" 100% silk socks.
Just simple plain colours or fancy, both dress and bold casuals.
I suppose it is not necessary to tell we have A LOT to propose..
Knee high heavy weight Merino wool