Thursday, 19 December 2013

The cotton Museum of Cairo

I have here on my desk this Amazing book published by Filmar Spa, our cotton's supplier.

Unfortunately I didn't (yet) visit the Museum in Cairo (Egypt), but this trip is now on my wishlist.
I would like to thank the Marzoli Family, owner of Filmar Spa, for their commitment in developing this project and give my congratulations for such great result.
sometime we forget about our roots. In this particular case, the roots are the ones of the cotton, and they are tightly rooted to the Egyptian ground. It is really amazing to focus on how all the "fahion Circus" is strongly depending on the hands of the people picking up the cotton's flakes..

So, a good reading..

Friday, 6 December 2013

Filo di Scozia

One of the most popular question about socks, after asking "what does it mean hand linked", is "what does it mean Filo di Scozia ?".
Filo di Scozia or Fil d'Ecosse, is not related to the fact the cotton is coming from the beautiful Scotland, but it is related to a special procedure to spin the raw cotton.
The cotton should be extra-long staple,mercerized, gassed, twisted and most important, has to be equal or finest 60/2 Nm (it means 60.000 meters of thread in 1 kg two ply).
It is worth to remember "Filo Scozia" is a trademark.
So pay attention when you buy : a lot of people is promoting to use real Filo Scozia, but really few do it in reality.
Have a look to this VERY clear slide on the official web site :
..and it is Worth to remember one of the certified Companies, Filmar, is our supplier..
From the staple to the sock