Monday, 22 December 2014


And 2014 is close to become history. Another year is gone and we are always on the path of the little steps, heading to restore the numbers of 2008.
In Europe crisis it seems far to the end, in Italy specially.
Notwithstanding the feeling is still bad, we are closing the year with another step ahead.
We just opened our second shop (in Baku) and the one in Moscow just had is first birthday.
Globally speaking the world economy is not in good shape, but our brand is growing very fast.
People is looking more and more for the best quality/price items and having our factories and producing 100% in Italy, we are in the position to give the people what they are looking for.
Pitti is approaching and we will introduce a wider and spectacular underwear collection (sea island, cashmere/cotton, cotton/silk and stretch cotton/elastan).
Stay tuned because the socks collection will be something to remember to..

Friday, 12 December 2014

Taking care of your socks

To have a quality sock it is important to use the best quality yarns. This is the most important detail when talking about quality. You will never have a good sock if the producer used a low quality yarn.
We highlighted several times on this blog how it is important that yarns used are following the rules of the REACH regulation for the protection of the health of the final consumer, so we have to say that the yarn should be not only high quality but should also be safe for the skin of our consumers.
Said that, then the ball is in the field of the user.
Quality and natural yarns are of course more delicate compared to synthetic ones.
Washing a wool sock at 60 degrees is not a good idea, as it's not to tumble high speed a cashmere sock.
Basically you have to wash and dry your socks using the same care you use for your quality sweaters.
The rules are simple : don't use water warmer than 30 Celsius and hang the socks to dry.
If you can, don't tumble and don't use the drier. Using it, is not a problem for the cotton socks, but can be a problem for the wool and the cashmere socks.
Enjoy your quality socks !

Monday, 24 November 2014

Global warming and socks' trend

An extremely important issue as the global warming is, it's influencing a little issue like our business too.
Starting from the "no socks" look of Summer 14 to the fact that cotton is now 80% of our total sales.
Market is quite schizophrenic, we are selling more and more cotton, but we noted a coming back of wool socks too (light wool).
Anyway for Winter, cotton or wool, it has to be light weight.
And natural fibers.
Of course it is depending from the area (we see our US friends buried under 2 meters of snow during these days). But also in these extreme weather's conditions, it seems people prefer to wear light socks.
For sure it is related to the matter that usually our final consumers are working in offices or warm places too..

Merino Australian wool socks

Monday, 17 November 2014

Once again about Made In

From time to time the focus is on the discussion about the Made In.
The matter is quite complicate, as it is involving a lot of social, economic and ethical issues.
From our point of view everybody has the right to stay on the market, but everybody has the duty to declare the truth.
If you produce in Italy, you have to use the label "Made in Italy", if you are producing in China, you have to use the label "Made in China". That's quite simple.
It is a matter of honesty. The final consumer has the right to decide what to buy, having all the correct information about the origin of the goods.
What we produce here has to follow all the rules of the REACH regulamentation for the protection of the health of the final consumer, the people working with us are under the protection of the law and they work in a safe place, our factory is following all the safety's rules...the list is quite long and including an high taxation too, which is supposed to exist to make the life of our citizens better.
This is the same for made in Italy, made in USA, France, England...
It is the same in other Countries ?
you can buy cheaper of course, but keep in mind there is a reason for everything.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

La "Canottiera"

It's starting getting cold again. This was the time when your mother was starting to say "remember to wear your undershirt !".
Now, it is true that wearing undershirt is preserving your health, but now it is fashion too.
So, you can wear it without having the risk to have "your grandfather's look".

White, navy, black and gray available.

Available at Kabbaz and Kelly web site, Bresciani Crocus store and Baku store !

Remember to wear your undershirt !!

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Sometime it's hard to decide

We are proud to note Bresciani brand is growing year by year and the knowledge of our name is spreading all over the world. Our USA friends were the firsts to grant us their appreciation and we will always remember it.
I personally remember my father packing his bag and fly to NY and Los Angeles in the early '80, trying to let our American customers discover our socks.
At that time we were trying to sell our over the calf socks only, as for Italians there are no other options actually. But then we had to change our mind and introduce the "three quarter" length, which is now the best seller in USA.
It was hard to decide at that time, as for us the only elegant style were the over the calf. But you can't fight the impossible, as you always risk to end as Don Quijote.
Now we are facing another issue like that. It seems our Chinese customers like even shorter sock, which is, style's side, terrible. So ? We have to go for the business or for the style ?
The answer on next chapter.
Have a nice week end.

oh ! I forgot : we will open our second shop next week ! Baku we are coming !!

Baku store. Work in progress.

Friday, 26 September 2014

The fashion weeks

The ones in London and Milan are over and now everybody's in Paris for the fashion week.
It is the glittering part of the business. A very important part.
But never forget that before our stylists, models, art directors and PR offices, play their season in the 10 minutes time of the show, somebody produced the masterpieces you see on the stage.
Both parts are important, but the production one is the one being only few times under the spotlights.
So when watching the catwalks on TV or reading your favorite magazine, please remember about us too... 


Monday, 15 September 2014

It's Autumn again

We hope you had a nice Summer, but in one week we will be in Autumn already.
So it's time to think about wardrobe's change once again.
Do you have enough socks in your drawers ? Statistics indicate average numbers of pairs bought in one year are around 12. 
The trend during last years is to wear light socks during Autumn. Cashmere and silk is one of our best sellers. You can buy it on line at Mr Porter.
If you are curious to know more about our superfine 70% cashmere 30% silk sock, you can refer to previous post.

Cashmere and Silk "Parigine"
So, once again, you have a wide range of options with Bresciani, from the extrafine Merino wool to the casual heavy "60 needles" sock.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Paris event

Sometime is good to meet our fans and not just having a web connection.
We will present our Winter collection to our Parisian fans in partnership with the guys of Mes Chaussettes Rouges. 
This is the internet era, the era of the image, but still nothing is better than touch the product with the hands and see the colors "live".

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Everything matters

Several times I wrote about business, quality, factory, production, marketing, sales...big economy..but when coming back with the feet on the ground, I understand little details can be important parts of all this "machine".
Details like a lady who is retering after 40 years taking care of one of the 12 quality controls we have before shipping our production and nobody able (or willing to) to take her place, notwithstanding 1 year of research.
Details like the last supplier of organzino silk surviving, who is declaring bankrupt.
Details like the producer of a little spare parts for supporting the needles of our machines, who decide that he had enough and closing down the factory.
Details, details...but a factory is like a complicate watch : 1.000 components and ALL OF THEM matters. You have only 999 ? Doesn't matter, the watch is not working.

Have a nice week end

the oldest machine

Saturday, 12 July 2014

The important is the concept

More and more, somehow I have to say unfortunately, the "box" is more important than the product itself. I mean : having an excellent product of high quality it is no more enough. Since years we are pushing our final consumers to understand why a 240 needles machine produce better fitting socks, why a 90/2 count Egyptian cotton is better than the others, why hand linking is making a difference...
But we have to face the reality that mostly of final consumers buy only because "they like it". They are impressed by the style and the "look" of the product. And if you have a nice packaging, a nice box and a nice concept...your percentage of sales increase a lot.

Bresciani Crocus shop

Difficult to manage for small, semi-artisanal, Companies like ours, spending all the energy and time working on the product only. But you can find a good team taking care of the marketing part.
So we did. If you would like to have an idea, just visit our shop in Moscow at Crocus City Mall.
See you there !

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

What's the trend for Winter 14 ?

Hard to think about next Winter when we are exatcly in the mid of the hot season, but we must be always ahead of times..
Having a look at the selections of our retailers it seems the "casual" trend will not stop. Colour and bold designs are still on top of the choices.
Talking about weight, the chuncky socks so fashion during Winters of 2012 and 2013 seem to be slowing down, lighter weights were preferred.
Still stripes are incredibly resisting, notwithstanding years and years on the top of the wave.
Argyles patterns didn't have much attention this season.

But at the end you will do your own fashion and your personal "trend", so... enjoy, we have a large selection for everybody !

Winter wool socks

Saturday, 14 June 2014

What is really making the difference ?

When you have to buy socks or underwear, what is really driving your decision ? We always invested all our energies in developing the finest quality. But today is no more enough.
Service it is the other key word. Still we are dealing with retailers and on-line retailers, so final consumer can't experience our service, as there is not a direct thread.
So we come to style : yes, it is important to have a good collection. Styles, colours, fitting...all these issues are part of the puzzle.
Better to have the best quality, the best style or the best fitting ? Possibly all of them.
And do we want to talk about packaging ? Don't you think more and more the box is important as the product ?
And last...if you have all these details, but you don't advertise ...

The real matter going wrong way today is that this last point became the most important. It is a world for big players. To advertise more you need more profit, to have more profit either you go down in quality or you go up in price.

And the small ones ? Thanks God we have the can invest more in quality and advertise on the web. It's not enough of course, but it is always something...

See you in Florence next week folks !

Pitti preview

Tuesday, 3 June 2014


As we discussed several times, web completely changed the rules of the game. One of the most difficult issues to solve is the one about the timing of the collections.
In few weeks we will present our new Spring 2015 collection during Pitti Uomo in Florence.
We will post images of the new collection on our social networks' pages.
Now, the matter is that, as usual, will be hard to explain to our final consumers, that they will find these new styles in the shops only starting from January 2015...
As usual we will receive a lot of questions and requests as "where we can buy them now...why they are not available..".
For a Company like ours, still producing in its factory, just until few years ago, those were really weird can people expect to have immediately available something that is not yet produced ?
But the world has changed a lot during last years and now what we show, should immediately be available in the mind our our interlocutor. The problem is that few years ago the interlocutor was the owner of the shop, who knows the rules of the game and who select the best for his the chain is breaking and the interlocutor is more and more the final consumer.
what will be the future ? Hard to guess...

Another Pitti Spring 2015 preview

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Bresciani in Moscow

Finally Bresciani has his first monobrand shop : socks, underwear, pijiamas and little knitted accessories 100% made in Italy and 100% made in Bresciani. Where ? Crocus City Mall, Moscow, Russia.

Why Russia ? Because it is one of our firsts export markets. Russians love made in Italy and they like quality goods.
Russian market it is a lot different compared to the first years, when supposed high price was the only criterion of selection for the quality. Now Russian consumer is mature, looking for real quality and for quality/price value.

..and Russia it is a BIG Country ! That's only the beginning...stay tuned for more to come.
..just forgot : we have just received the renewal of our Oeko-Tex certification. Bresciani is not just quality, but care about the health of our final consumers and about our planet .

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Have a look

Several times we discussed on this blog about the importance of the number of the needles of the machine producing socks, in order to have the best knitting.
Sometime a picture is worth hundreds words, so...

216 needles machine
As said, we have up to 260 needles machines and this is garantee of the best knitting and fitting for the socks (for more details please read our previous posts about this matter).
Actually looking at the picture the machine looks like a "black hole" where all is disappearing, while it is really the reverse, it is the hole where something is appearing..
The one in the picture is a mono-cylinder machine. It means there is only a line (cylinder actually) of needles; we produce here our "embroidered" socks.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Why socks' web sales are booming

During last years we faced a new trend in the market. More and more retailers are going on the web and a lot of them are on the web only, without having a real store.
We already posted a list of Bresciani retailers on the web.
But why this is happening ? At first we have to say that this is a world's trend. Everything is on sales on the web today. It is like to have an open window on the world. And you don't have to pay the rent for the shop and salaries for the sales people on the floor. Of course it is not that easy, as retail on the web has a lot of other costs, as promotion, management of the shipments and returns.
Second : socks are quite easy to sell, as the only information needed is the size. People has to be already familiar with the quality, but today it seems this is not a big problem for web buyers.
Third : socks are now an important fashion accessory, as it was the tie during the '80. Colours, fancies and style are requested and people are paying attention to all these issues.

Spring Ad campaign

So you have a wide selection of our socks at (Kabbaz and Kelly), Mr Porter, Mes chaussettes rouges, Italiandipity, Berg & Berg and A suitable wardrobe. Enjoy shopping !

Tuesday, 1 April 2014


Some of our best design are made on our 216 Needles mono-cylinder machines. Mono-cylinder machines, as the word says, have only one cylinder of needles, so they are not able to make jacquard (to learn about jacquard tecnique you can read our previous posts). Only one base colour, but possibility to have up to 7 different colours to realize the design.
Enough to free the fantasy...

Egyptian cotton, Merino Australian wool, cashmere/silk...these are the yarn we can use on these machines.
Just select the fancy you like !

Saturday, 8 March 2014

We are light

In the last post we introduced our Unica, one size casual collection, but we will not forget our history.
Bresciani is well know for superfine 100% Egyptian 90/2 count cotton socks made up on 240 and 260 Needles machines.
What this means ? Just look at the picture :

Maybe this is not impressing you so much, but wait for the 40 Celsius we will have during Summer and then you will tell me.
Wear our 100% superfine 90/2 count cotton in that weather conditions and...your skin will thank you.
Of course having nylon or lycra/spandex is giving more fitting to the sock, but using 240 needles machines is a kind of compensation for the lack of stretch yarn, because the knitting is so fine that the sock is fitting in a wonderful way.
Once's up to you, we give you all the options !

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Casual socks

Our 100% cotton sock if the best for the coming Spring season in our opinion. But to match the request of our youngest fans, we introduced few years ago our "Unica" collection. Bold patterns, bright colours and..slim and closer fitting, obtained using a unique blend of fine cotton and lycra/spandex.

Dots socks from Bresciani Unica collection

we blend the cotton and the lycra ourselves, using our machines, to obtain a stretch effect 30% better compared to any cotton/lycra blended sock usual on the market. If you need a real "one size" sock, nylon only is not enough, you need lycra. And you need to work it in the proper way.

These socks garantee an excellent fitting and comfort. Of course they are little heavier compared to the superfine 100% cotton sock, but you will decide which is better, now you have an option...

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Woman's Winter 2014 collection

It seems that wearing men's knee high socks for women was not just a fashion trend, but became a regular thing during last years. Don't know if this matter is somehow related to the issue that more and more people became allergic to synthetic yarns and they prefer to wear only 100% cotton, 100% woool up to the 100% cashmere or cashmere/silk.
But it is a matter that our women's collection sales are going higher and higher.
Of course it is quite a "one season" business, as our beloved ladies are used not to wear socks during Summer.
So during the Milan Fashion Week we present our new Winter 14 women's collection.
Come on ladies, come on...we are waiting for you ..

Special guest this season is Mrs Lucia Del Pasqua ( She designed for us a capsule collection in her style, designed "with the heart". Are you curious to see ? Just check it out ..

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Reshoring European industries

Since 2008 world's economic situation is extremely difficult. A lot of European textile industries moved their factories outside Europe in order to save cost and survive on the challenging market.
Now, since few months ago, it seems there is a new trend : Companies are coming back investing in production plants in the Countries of origin.
Why ? Maybe because the difference in cost  is no more so convenient, compared to the quality.
And now, what about the generation we lost ? Would we be able to restore the old competences ?
Is not the case for us, as we never moved from our Spirano's factory. And we were sure the history would give us reason.
Nothing against our friends in Asia or anywhere else. Everybody has the right to work and promote his own Country. But it is the time to bring back work to Europe. 

The Factory in Spirano, Bergamo

Friday, 24 January 2014

It's cold !

It is a little cold outside now. Actually in our mind we are looking for heavy cloths to protect ourselves, but it is not always true that heavier is warmer. 
Talking about socks for example, cashmere and silk, notwithstanding it is much lighter compared to the 2/28.000 count 100% cashmere, is equally warm, as the silk is a yarn keeping the body's temperature.
But of course it is also a matter of style : having a nice, heavy weight, '60 style socks it is very trendy !

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Pitti. What is new.

So Pitti is over. It is more and more a PR and press show, as shops and department stores are placing their orders later in the season or in the Milan show room, but still the most (and maybe unique) really international world show.

I was reading a really interesting piece of Mr. Simon Crompton about how small Companies are trying to develop their own brands and not only producing for the big names. (

This is quite an important issue, as it's involving the question about who's producing and who's not producing. And where.
Final consumers seem finally interested not in the brand only, but in the quality/price issue.
And keeping an eye also on the care about the personal's and our planet's health.
Maybe the only good point this crisis has changed in our business.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Bold or conservative

It is not a news that finally socks become a fashion accessory, after being for years just a commodity.
But it is a matter of just few years ago that people are attracted by bold fancies and bright colours.
Nothing against bold fancies and colours (we have many styles in our collection), but I suppose, if you would like to be elegant, there is a limit.
And there is a right way to match the socks to your outfit and a wrong way to do it.
Unless you would like to be "different" at any cost, big geometric design in Yellow and orange, are not appropriate for your black tuxedo..
As usual it is a matter of personal style. In any case I personally think that, as all the changes, initially you go from one excess (socks too much hidden) to the other (socks too loud), and then you arrive to a balance point...
..and conservative