Friday, 24 January 2014

It's cold !

It is a little cold outside now. Actually in our mind we are looking for heavy cloths to protect ourselves, but it is not always true that heavier is warmer. 
Talking about socks for example, cashmere and silk, notwithstanding it is much lighter compared to the 2/28.000 count 100% cashmere, is equally warm, as the silk is a yarn keeping the body's temperature.
But of course it is also a matter of style : having a nice, heavy weight, '60 style socks it is very trendy !

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Pitti. What is new.

So Pitti is over. It is more and more a PR and press show, as shops and department stores are placing their orders later in the season or in the Milan show room, but still the most (and maybe unique) really international world show.

I was reading a really interesting piece of Mr. Simon Crompton about how small Companies are trying to develop their own brands and not only producing for the big names. (

This is quite an important issue, as it's involving the question about who's producing and who's not producing. And where.
Final consumers seem finally interested not in the brand only, but in the quality/price issue.
And keeping an eye also on the care about the personal's and our planet's health.
Maybe the only good point this crisis has changed in our business.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Bold or conservative

It is not a news that finally socks become a fashion accessory, after being for years just a commodity.
But it is a matter of just few years ago that people are attracted by bold fancies and bright colours.
Nothing against bold fancies and colours (we have many styles in our collection), but I suppose, if you would like to be elegant, there is a limit.
And there is a right way to match the socks to your outfit and a wrong way to do it.
Unless you would like to be "different" at any cost, big geometric design in Yellow and orange, are not appropriate for your black tuxedo..
As usual it is a matter of personal style. In any case I personally think that, as all the changes, initially you go from one excess (socks too much hidden) to the other (socks too loud), and then you arrive to a balance point...
..and conservative