Saturday, 22 February 2014

Woman's Winter 2014 collection

It seems that wearing men's knee high socks for women was not just a fashion trend, but became a regular thing during last years. Don't know if this matter is somehow related to the issue that more and more people became allergic to synthetic yarns and they prefer to wear only 100% cotton, 100% woool up to the 100% cashmere or cashmere/silk.
But it is a matter that our women's collection sales are going higher and higher.
Of course it is quite a "one season" business, as our beloved ladies are used not to wear socks during Summer.
So during the Milan Fashion Week we present our new Winter 14 women's collection.
Come on ladies, come on...we are waiting for you ..

Special guest this season is Mrs Lucia Del Pasqua ( She designed for us a capsule collection in her style, designed "with the heart". Are you curious to see ? Just check it out ..

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Reshoring European industries

Since 2008 world's economic situation is extremely difficult. A lot of European textile industries moved their factories outside Europe in order to save cost and survive on the challenging market.
Now, since few months ago, it seems there is a new trend : Companies are coming back investing in production plants in the Countries of origin.
Why ? Maybe because the difference in cost  is no more so convenient, compared to the quality.
And now, what about the generation we lost ? Would we be able to restore the old competences ?
Is not the case for us, as we never moved from our Spirano's factory. And we were sure the history would give us reason.
Nothing against our friends in Asia or anywhere else. Everybody has the right to work and promote his own Country. But it is the time to bring back work to Europe. 

The Factory in Spirano, Bergamo