Saturday, 1 March 2014

Casual socks

Our 100% cotton sock if the best for the coming Spring season in our opinion. But to match the request of our youngest fans, we introduced few years ago our "Unica" collection. Bold patterns, bright colours and..slim and closer fitting, obtained using a unique blend of fine cotton and lycra/spandex.

Dots socks from Bresciani Unica collection

we blend the cotton and the lycra ourselves, using our machines, to obtain a stretch effect 30% better compared to any cotton/lycra blended sock usual on the market. If you need a real "one size" sock, nylon only is not enough, you need lycra. And you need to work it in the proper way.

These socks garantee an excellent fitting and comfort. Of course they are little heavier compared to the superfine 100% cotton sock, but you will decide which is better, now you have an option...

1 comment:

  1. I don't know very much about socks. But these Unica ones are the best one-size socks I have ever worn. Got my first pair a year ago. Very soft, they stay up, very durable. I especially like the red chili peppers on the black background.