Saturday, 8 March 2014

We are light

In the last post we introduced our Unica, one size casual collection, but we will not forget our history.
Bresciani is well know for superfine 100% Egyptian 90/2 count cotton socks made up on 240 and 260 Needles machines.
What this means ? Just look at the picture :

Maybe this is not impressing you so much, but wait for the 40 Celsius we will have during Summer and then you will tell me.
Wear our 100% superfine 90/2 count cotton in that weather conditions and...your skin will thank you.
Of course having nylon or lycra/spandex is giving more fitting to the sock, but using 240 needles machines is a kind of compensation for the lack of stretch yarn, because the knitting is so fine that the sock is fitting in a wonderful way.
Once's up to you, we give you all the options !


  1. Dear We-Are-Light,

    Those are beautiful socks but we are at -10 Celsius. Are you trying to make us jealous? I have heard that there are 11 fabulous colors of those houndstooth socks available in the U.S. I guess we are lighter!

  2. 18 Celsius Yesterday in Italy... have you ever heard about web site ?