Saturday, 17 May 2014

Bresciani in Moscow

Finally Bresciani has his first monobrand shop : socks, underwear, pijiamas and little knitted accessories 100% made in Italy and 100% made in Bresciani. Where ? Crocus City Mall, Moscow, Russia.

Why Russia ? Because it is one of our firsts export markets. Russians love made in Italy and they like quality goods.
Russian market it is a lot different compared to the first years, when supposed high price was the only criterion of selection for the quality. Now Russian consumer is mature, looking for real quality and for quality/price value.

..and Russia it is a BIG Country ! That's only the beginning...stay tuned for more to come.
..just forgot : we have just received the renewal of our Oeko-Tex certification. Bresciani is not just quality, but care about the health of our final consumers and about our planet .

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Have a look

Several times we discussed on this blog about the importance of the number of the needles of the machine producing socks, in order to have the best knitting.
Sometime a picture is worth hundreds words, so...

216 needles machine
As said, we have up to 260 needles machines and this is garantee of the best knitting and fitting for the socks (for more details please read our previous posts about this matter).
Actually looking at the picture the machine looks like a "black hole" where all is disappearing, while it is really the reverse, it is the hole where something is appearing..
The one in the picture is a mono-cylinder machine. It means there is only a line (cylinder actually) of needles; we produce here our "embroidered" socks.