Saturday, 12 December 2015

Cashmere and silk T shirt

70% cashmere 30% silk T shirt. Cariaggi yarn. This is the finest item we have in our underwear collection, available in white and in black.
A dream to wear : soft and light.

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Your ultimate dress fancies socks' drawer

Would you like to have some suggestion ?
Here we are.
In your socks' drawer you can't miss :

1 The Vanisee
2 The Chevron
3 The Pied de Poule
4 The Pin Dots
5 The Salt and Pepper
6 The Retro Vertical Stripes '30
7 The Prince of Wales

This could be your ultimate dress fancies socks' drawer. You can play with colors and yarns..
Enjoy !

Bresciani socks on line :

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Is technology improving the quality ?

Difficult to answer.
I can tell we have in our archives cotton dated back '60, which apparently is better quality than the cotton we have today. At that time the cotton were picked up by hands, and majority of the processes were made by hands. Now the technology reached standards of quality for sure superiors, but the quality of the raw material (maybe the pollution, maybe the quest of the profit, maybe too much production ?) seems to be lower.
The same for the other yarns (more or less). Keeping in mind that the new rules (Reach regulation first) changed the chemicals can be used to dye the yarn (and this is good for sure for the health of the consumers), the color, for example, can't be fixed as it can be in the past.

Different is the impact of the technology on production. New machines are for sure more performing than the old ones. The difference is in the process after the production (the famous 12 "by hands" steps we have to complete the production and finishing process). We do exactly as they were made 40 years ago. More expensive for sure, but not comparable in terms of quality to the modern technologies on the market.

Maybe because trough the hands we put also our heart in our products..

Bresciani factory in the '70

Monday, 21 September 2015

What's happening in Russia

We don't want to talk about the political and economic situation in Russia, as we are for sure not in the position to give an explanation to that, but we can see how this difficult moment is influencing the fashion business.

During the last 10 years mostly of the European fashion brands (specially in the shoes business), have grown or survived thanks to the Russian and Chinese shops and department stores.

It is clear the Russian people like very much the "Made in Italy" and they appreciate the quality of Italian productions. A lot of Companies concentrated their efforts on Russian market because they had no alternatives (European market is still weak and the euro was strong to the US dollars), so they are now depending from this market almost completely.

The situation is now that several brands are in big troubles because they see their seasonal sales going down from 30% to 40%. 

The ruble is now about 75 to the euro. Comparing to the 42 we had before the crisis, you have the figure of the situation.

The loss of sales is not only in the Russian territories, but in Europe too. Paris, London, Milan...all the major cities are feeling the lack of Russian buyers in their shops.

Luckly the russian consumer is not moving into buying lower quality goods, but is just waiting for the prices go back to normal, to re start buying his favorite brand. So it seems this is just a temporary situation, but the question is now : when everything will go back to normal ?

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Ready for the Autumn's proposals ?

Another Summer has gone and we are now moving in to a cooler season. 

We faced the devaluation of the Russian ruble, the Chinese stock market's crisis and we noted the excellent result of second quarter of the US economy.

My personal feeling is that these turbulence will anyway head to a change of the way the consumers buy. Maybe the bold designs and colors of last seasons will be held in the drawers for a while. But the trends today are changing really quickly and it is hard to guess what will really happen.

For sure the Summer's trend was to go sock less and we sold a lot of "ghost" socks. Not really fun for us, as nobody can see our work.

Coming back to Winter 15 :

The Sock Hop New York. Proposal of Bresciani socks for Fall

70% cashmere 30% silk fancies

Merino Australian wool
Have a great Autumn !

Friday, 24 July 2015

The needle

At the beginning there was the needle.
Actually a lot of needles.
All together doing a round dance. Some were playing with thicker threads, some were playing with thinner threads.
And as if by magic, things were coming out.
Very nice thing indeed.
They were meeting threads from all the world.
Threads of all the colors of the rainbow.
They were playing and thing were coming out.
And people were happy to wear them.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Respect for the work

We already noted in previous posts, how important is the work of all the people here in the factory. Once again we have to remark that, behind the big marketing plans, the big "words", the talk about the style...first there is the work of people who will maybe never be on the stage, but is the base of everything.
We still have some lady working home, in the village, and this morning I visited one of them, to bring some socks to hand link. She is 60 and living alone in a little apartment, working in a little room of 6 square meters, listening to a 30 years old radio...
Can you believe that without her precious work, all the things we discussed on this blog, the socks on the 5th Avenue in New York, the socks on Rue Francoise 1er in Paris... would be impossible ?

The world is moving in another direction, but first should be the person, second the profit.
And we have to maintain dignity to the work.
Work should be on the stage.


production department

Friday, 26 June 2015

Pitti 88 report

Pitti number 88 is over. What was new ? I don't want to report you about the trends and the fashion, as you should have plenty of comments and reports on the web and for sure from more competent people than me.
What I can say ? More and more I see a disconnection between the business timing and the communication timing. Until Pitti was a trade show, we were showing our collection to retailers and they were prepared to see and buy goods 6 months ahead they arrive in the stores. 
Now, as the Pitti is a public event, all the news are immediately on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter...people are calling the factories asking where they can find the item they see today on the newspaper, on the FB page..and when the answer is like "sorry, this is something will be available next Spring", the comment is like "are you kidding ?".
The "Pitti wall" just outside the main entrance of Padiglione Centrale is more and more full of people, staying there to "catch" pictures, another sign that the show is moving towards the final consumer directly.
Retailers are no more placing orders during the trade show, but just coming to see the news and then working on the collection later in the season (everybody want to see the final numbers of the season before buying for the new one).
This way the Companies are working more and more on urgent deliveries. To avoid production problems most of the producers are reducing the collection in order to have less references and concentrate the production's lots.

I saw once again a lot of people around without socks...of course I didn't like this trend. I have a family to feed basically.

..and now, after the Milan and Paris fashion weeks, the business is heading to NY for MRKet show.
See you there ?

Pitti event in Piazza Santa Croce

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Stylist, product manager, marketing director...who is the king ?

As a Company we are not only producing our Bresciani brand, but we have production's partnership with a lot of the best brands and stylists. 
This allow us to have an overview on "what's going on" and on how the market is moving.
You maybe already know that big Companies have several key positions : the stylist, the product manager, the marketing director, the sales director..
You may be curious to know who is really taking the last decision about "what will be in the next collection". Actually there is not a standard, but our impression is that things are changing.
Everything is starting from the idea of the head of style, but not all the ideas complete their path and see the light.
The first step is to test if the items are technically achievable. Believe me, this is an extremely difficult and important point. Usually this work it's up to the Companies producing.
Then the final prototype is going trough the test of the product manager who decide if the item is technically perfect and it is possible to put it on sale.
But the marketing director has then to decide if the item is in line with the image of the Company, how much will cost to put it in the collection and forecasting the sales' result.
The ball is then in the field of the sales' people.
But who is really deciding at the end ?
My personal opinion it is that, due to the world financial and economic crisis, the key point driving these decisions is the cost/benefit calculation.
More and more an item is going in sale not because is beautiful and technically perfect, but because has more opportunities to be sold.
Developing new styles is extremely expensive, consequently, to reduce the costs, the collections are smaller and only few pieces are made "only for the show". Mostly of the items have to repay the cost the brand had to develop them.
Only few brands in the world don't have this problems, because their strong financial situation allows to invest a lot of money in research and development. 
All the others have to move very very carefully today.
So, at the end, the key decision is more and more in the hands of the marketing manager, who has to forecast the cost/benefit result before all the process start...

Have a nice week end

Friday, 22 May 2015

Why you pay more if it is Made in Italy

Somebody is thinking that buying something "Made in Italy" it is only a way to pay more for exactly the same item you can buy made somewhere else.
This is not the case.
For several simple reasons :

1 First and maybe the most important : the Companies here are subject to very strict rules to follow to preserve the health of the final consumer. I don't think you would like to wear on your skin something dangerous for your health; believe me, you have to pay the same attention you have when you check what you are eating.

2 Most of the times what looks like the same item, you discover later that it is a completely different quality. Unfortunately you usually discover this detail only after you wear and you wash it for the first time.

3 Notwithstanding some people is not believing it completely, almost all the Companies here respect the workers and pay taxes. Maybe you don't care when you buy, you just want to pay less...but you should care 

4 If most of the actors, politics, singers, VIP persons in the world, are wearing Italian cloths, maybe the Italian style has something more ..

Have a nice week end

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Underwear Bresciani collection is evolving

New underwear collection

Bresciani underwear collection is evolving. At the beginning it was only 100% cotton, but now a lot of news on the rack : sea island cotton, cotton/silk, cotton/elastan, cashmere and silk..
Pitti is approaching and we will present all the news, not only about new fibers but new fittings too.
You can find our underwear in our Crocus Moscow shop, in our Bresciani shop in Baku, at Sartale shop in Wien and on line at Kabbaz and Kelly web site.

Sea island and cashmere/silk are the top to the range products. Sea island production is really limited (the original one, pay attention to "fake" sea island you can find on the market). Only 10.000 kilos per season coming from Caribbeans productions.
It is a long staple cotton with an incredible soft hand. Available in Bresciani in white, black and navy.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Special projects for the Expo

Need some fruits ?

Expo 2015 will open the gates May 1st. Will be a very exciting time for Milan and we don't want to waste the occasion to give the opportunity to our fans to buy our socks.

Our factory store will temporary move to Milan, visiting our friends at Villa Delmitia, high quality fashion's accessories artisans.
The location will be in Via Tortona 31, in the area of Porta Genova, close to the "Navigli" zone.

As the theme of the Expo is "feeding the planet", we will present our gift box "Fruits", filled with colorful linen+cotton socks.

Our team will personally be present in some occasions at the location, so you will have to opportunity to talk about socks directly with us.

See you in Milan !

Friday, 27 March 2015

A visit to Filmar

We often said on this blog how much is important a quality yarn in order to produce a quality sock.
we have years and years of close partnership with our suppliers. One of the most important is Filmar (
There is always something to learn and something to develop, so we pay them regular visits.

Filmar cotton
The technology behind their cotton is something really amazing and their quality controls are very strict.

Do you know why Filo di Scozia is the best cotton ? The cotton's staple is void inside, because the lymph is flowing inside it. The process of mercerization (the base of the Filo Scozia) is keeping this "channel" open, so the fiber is absorbing the sweat a lot more compared to the not-mercerized cotton.

This is only one of the thing you can learn visiting Filmar factory.

For more info visit
there are 130 people working there and they have one the best testing lab in Europe.

A lot more to come..

Friday, 6 March 2015

Winter 2015 Woman's collection

Best of the best for our Winter 2015 woman's collection. We selected the best silk, cashmere and cashmere and silk blends for our ladies !
Some lurex is giving a glittering touch to few styles.
After the Milan fashion week we can say without doubt that the trend for next Winter 15 will still be knee high socks in warm fibers, but this season there was a sexy touch too.
Our 100% organzino silk overknee and parigine were  on the best stages, for sure you can spot them looking at the pictures of #MFW Winter 2015.
Have a great week end !

Monday, 16 February 2015

Friday, 6 February 2015

Small retailers, big brands and factories

Since the end of last Century, we are facing a polarization of the market. The usual way Companies were distributing their products, completely changed.
The small shops, the soul of the commerce, are unfortunately slowly disappearing and with them is disappearing the knowledge of the product and the consultant's service they were giving.
Big groups have their mono brand shops, strictly following the product's and marketing's plans of the head offices, often supported by millions of euro invested in advertising campaigns and events.
In the middle you have the multi brand retailers, trying to select the best on the market and offering it to their customers, but often not able to financially support a right advertising and communication relationship with the consumers, and certainly not able to compete with the big brands in proposing events and promotions.
Finally Companies have more and more their outlets, their direct e commerce web sites and their direct sales events.
Final consumer has a wide selection of opportunities to buy a product and usually he is selecting the most convenient, the less expansive or the one with wider offer.
It is a kind of war between brands, retailers and factories to arrive first to the final consumers. Complicated by the fact that instead they actually should cooperate to reach the same target.
It is a love/hate relationship.
Keeping in mind that you can't stay on the market without advertising, the key point is to have enough profit to be able to invest in advertising. How can you do it ? The matter is quite simple : you have to increase the prices (if you have a brand strong enough to support higher prices) or you have to reduce the production cost (translated = lower quality). Somebody do both. Somebody try to keep or increase the quality and service and keep the prices linked to the real value for the quality. You can guess where we are..

Monday, 26 January 2015

Spring 2015. What our retailers will offer you

In few weeks time you will find the new Spring 15 collection in our retailers' shops. We did some nice jacquard in light weight cotton and nice "strong" fancies in our "Unica", the one size casual collection.
Will be up to you to select the fitting you prefer : the comfort and lightness of the 100% cotton or the closest fitting and softness of the cotton/elastan collection.

See you soon in the stores !

Friday, 9 January 2015

Sea Island cotton T shirts

Finally, after 6 month working on it, we succeed to make the perfect Sea Island cotton T shirt. Actually not only T shirts, but boxers and briefs too.
Sea Island is the most soft and comfortable cotton you can find on the market today. Just digit on Google "Sea Island" and you will discover a new world.

Available starting from February at