Saturday, 8 July 2017

In praise of the linen

Linen is one of our Summer's best seller.
It's fresh, it's breathable, it's comfortable and has a beautiful palette of melange colors.
We propose it in the 100% linen ribbed basic sock, but also in several fancies, usually blending it with cotton or silk.
The raw linen is coming from France and the spinner is Italian.

We only select the best for our fans.

Have a great Summer... and keep your feet cool !

Available on line at 

Saturday, 22 April 2017

We are old

Yes, we are.
We are still believing human touch is adding a special "plus" to the product.
We are still believing that speeding production's time is good for the profit but not for the quality.

Each item is different compared to the other and you will own an unique piece.
We are small, we are not for the mass, we are only for people who understand quality.

We don't have a human resources office : we just talk to the people.
We don't have a marketing department : we just want our products talks for us.
We don't have robots : we have people.

We are old

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Casual collection : Spring 17 news

One month and we will go in to Spring, so start thinking about your Spring wardrobe.
This time we would like to highlight our casual collection, the "fashion" one, in cotton and elastan.
We discussed several times about the difference between an 100% natural fibers sock and a cotton/elastan blended one, the decision it is always up to you; our job is to give you  the opportunity to buy the one you prefer.
So for Spring the word is "color". The casual collection has fun fancies and bright colors.
In your favorite shops (on the street or on line) in a few weeks.
Happy and colorful Spring everyone !